Lucifer Season 3 Renewed On Fox: Release Date, Plot And Things To Know

Lucifer Season 3 Renewed On Fox: Release Date, Plot And Things To Know PHOTOGRAPH: Lucifer Official Facebook Page |

Lucifer Season 3 finally gets renewed on Fox. The development comes after rumors of possible cancellations emerged in the previous weeks. Find out the official release date and possible plot twists for the upcoming season.

Lucifer Season 3 Is Confirmed

The worse thing for a television show is to go off the air or get cancelled without warning. So it is always great news to have another season confirmed ahead of time. The sudden change in airing schedules, plus a three-month hiatus, came as a shock to those who followed the Lucifer series. However, this was probably a necessary move in order to bag the third season and further develop the story.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Lucifer Season 3 is one of the shows that Fox renewed for 2017-2018. To be more specific, Fox ordered a 22-episode third season for Lucifer season 3. Other shows that have also gotten the green light are Empire and The Simpsons. Fox network entertainment president David Madden noted that Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis, just keeps getting better and better. Having a season three for the quirky comedy-drama is the natural course given that the characters and story continues to innovate and present some unpredictable twists to the plot.

There Is a New Character in Lucifer Season 3

Apart from the series renewal there are also some details released on the future story line. There are a lot of angels in the story of Lucifer and fans are speculating that another one will be entering the series. According to International Business Times, there are rumors that the lead character’s sister Azriel would make it into the series.

In fact, one fan came up with a haiku on Azriel on Twitter and tagged the show’s writers. Although there was not a reply from the writers, they did retweet what the fan posted. Perhaps the possibility that an additional sibling will not be left out, especially since there are 22 more episodes in the next season.

Fans will have to be patient as the series is currently focusing on the shock that Lucifer had after discovering the truth about Chloe. What with his disappearance and completely cut contact with his family and the LAPD. However, he returns with a new woman when a new murder surfaces. While Charlote, Lucifer’s mom played by Tricia Helfer, went AWOL for a while, the good news is she realized that she may have found a way to get them back into Heaven.

Lucifer Season 3 Release Date

Although the series is not currently airing on television, it is already scheduled to return on air. The remaining episodes of season 2 will be released starting May 1, Monday at 9pm on Fox. A release date for Lucifer season 3 has not been confirmed yet as the production will be focusing on finishing season 2 in the mean time.


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