Lucifer Season 2 Possible Cancellation Dropped, Season 3 Starts Filming

Lucifer Season 2 Possible Cancellation Dropped, Season 3 Starts Filming PHOTOGRAPH: Lucifer Official Facebook Page |

Lucifer Season 2 has been facing cancellation rumors months into 2017. This worried fans who had high hopes for the series. The good news is that the fans will be getting their show back and a sequel season to boot.

No one wants to see their favorite show go off the air or get cancelled out of the blue. The series was on a hiatus for three months and the rumors that the show would get postponed seemed possible. However, the latest news is that the cancellation will not be happening any time soon.

A Different Setting for Lucifer Season 3

According to Deadline, the Devil Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis, will be roaming the City of Angels once again. The Warner Bros. Television-produced series are relocating the production to Los Angeles. Previously, the show filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

The news of a production relocation backs up the news that a Lucifer Season 3 is confirmed. In fact, the good news was announced last month and fans were relieved. According to Hollywood Reporter, Fox ordered a 22-episode third season for the show. It was one of the shows renewed for 2017-2018 along with The Simpsons and Empire.

New Family on Lucifer Season 3

There is not a lot of details released regarding the third season as the second season is still ongoing. However, there are speculations that a new angel will be introduced into the series. There are a lot of angels in the story of Lucifer but only a few are called specifically by name. One fan make a haiku about Lucifer’s sister Azriel on Twitter and the writers of the show retweeted it. While there was not a confirmation by the writers, it is a big possibility since there are 22 more episodes to cover that in the future.

Clues on this will not be happening any time soon as the second season is currently covering the revelation of Chloe. Lucifer is still in shock that she was planted in his path by his family. This could affect what happens to Charlotte, played by Tricia Helfer, and her plans to get her children back into Heaven.

The remaining episodes of Lucifer season 2 will resume on air on May 1, 2017, Monday on Fox at 9pm. “Candy Morningstar” is the title of the episode that will helm the series’ return. The release date of Season 3 is not yet confirmed as the production is still underway. It is safe to say that it may be released in the second half of the year.



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