With Love For Marvel’s Wolverine, Scientist Develops Self-healing Material For Future Robots

With Love For Marvel’s Wolverine, Scientist Develops Self-healing Material For Future Robots Wolverine syasya_akemi / Flickr cc

A scientist has developed a technology that incorporates the superhuman strength of X-Men’s Wolverine in real life!

Chao Wang, 31, part of a team of scientists, developed a kind of ion conductor infused with the technology of self-healing and super-stretching, which reminds us of Marvel’s Wolverine.

Self-Healing Ionic Conductors: How Will They Work?

In a journal called “Advanced Materials,” they explained that ions can flow back and forth through the new-age conductor. One of the key features of the conductor would be its self-healing property.

The technology would enable them to develop long-lasting ionic batteries. These can be used to power electric cars, medical tools and environmental biosensors.

Apparently, Wang was fascinated by Wolverine’s mutant body, which has the ability to self-heal after getting injured, as reported by The Press Enterprise.

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The author of another journal, Christopher Keplinger, indicated that there might be a possibility of infusing artificial muscles with the same self-healing technology in the future. This would allow damaged muscles to self-repair within the span of a day. No additional change of temperature is required for the process.

Research suggests that after gaining back its original strength, the muscle would become 50 times more stretchable. In fact, after a mere five minutes of healing, the muscle would be able to stretch to double its size.

Granted, it might probably not be as stretchable as Mr. Fantastic (which probably would have been freaky). However, this is as close as it gets.

The production cost of the material might seem quite high. But actually, it is cost-effective and easy to produce, reported Inverse.

New Ionic Conductors To Empower Robots?

However, the ever-raging fictional prediction of the machines or robots rising up and taking over the human race comes into play in a vital way, stated Wang.

Apparently, the popular belief is that developing self-healing ionic conductors, which will definitely be used in robots afterwards, may lead them to become invincible, hence paving the path to the destruction of mankind.

However, since there has been no basis to prove that such unconventional warfare will take place, with the entertainment industry cooking up extremely imaginative yet implausible plotlines, putting off the development of the new ionic conductors seems irrational.

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