Love Actually Sequel: Cast, Plot, Release Date and Things to Know

Love Actually Sequel: Cast, Plot, Release Date and Things to Know PHOTOGRAPH: Love Actually Official Facebook Page |

A Love Actually sequel is in the works. The whole cast will be reuniting according to latest reports. The sequel will be presented as part of a fundraiser.

Love Actually was released during the holidays in 2003 but fans can not forget it, hence becoming a classic up until today. Some people hated it but the clamor for a sequel is stronger. The latest news is that the whole cast of the holiday rom-com Love Actually will be reuniting for a special “Red Nose Day Actually.”

A Special Collaboration Happened for the Love Actually Sequel

NBC announced on Wednesday that the writer – director Richard Curtis would get the cast together to make a short film. This short length feature will be part of Comic Relief’s annual “Red Nose Day Special” fundraiser. This event raises money to benefit the children who are living in poverty. It also happens annually.

Curtis is the brain behind the Red Nose Day. According to Deadline, the idea of the fundraising event was built on the thought that mass media and celebrities can help raise money by reaching a wider audience. This brings more awareness of poverty and changes lives of these unfortunate people in a big way.

Everyone Is Back for the Love Actually Sequel

The Love Actually sequel will follow the journey of all the characters after the events of the original film. Re-creating the characters to a life 14-years later is one thing, but together the original cast is another. The good news is that everyone is game to join in and will lend their talents to bring in viewers.

The film will reunite Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightley, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy, and Liam Neeson. As well as, Martine McCutcheon, Thomas Brodiie-Sangster, Lucia Moniz, Olivia Olson, Andrew Lincoln, Marcus Brigstocke, and Rowan Atkinson. Unfortunately, not every single cast member will be making their anticipated return. Actor Alan Rickman passed away last year so his character may be written out of the special. There is also no news on actresses Laura Linney and Emma Thompson as well.

Comic Relief has been doing these specials since 1985. Since the fundraiser was founded, it has already raised over $1 trillion to help lift kids out of poverty. The United States also started doing Red Nose Day. It will be celebrating its third year in 2017.


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