Logan: Super Bowl Teaser Shows Professor X’s Declining Health, Details Here

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Logan: Super Bowl Teaser Shows Professor X’s Declining Health, Details Here PHOTOGRAPH: The Wolverine Movie Facebook Official Page |

The new teaser for Logan was released on Sunday night at Super Bowl 51. The footage featured the Amazing Grace song and depressing shots of old man Wolverine and Professor X. The new teaser also revealed important details about the upcoming movie.

The video does not contain any dialogues unlike its earlier trailer. However, it gave fans a glimpse at the current state of Wolverine, Professor X and X-23. Logan looked “weary” and was later seen with Laura, who is also known as X-23.

The new teenage character was also shown running in the forest with a couple of other kids running beside her. It is likely that she is being haunted by other enemy forces. However, the reason is still unknown.

A Good Look at Donald Pierce’s Robotic Arm in Logan

Earlier teasers and trailer established that Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) will be in pursuit of Laura. Fans can see a glimpse of Pierce locking on a cybernetic arm in the teaser. It looks like Pierce will also be the main villain in the movie.

A mysterious person likely to be a mutant is given a mere second of screen time in the teaser. He was introduced in an earlier clip. His origin is currently unknown but is in contact with Logan. X-23 is once again shown as a mutant with adamantium blades, which is a fictional metal element in Marvel blades, killing and slicing up the enemy.

Professor X Possibly Has a Seizure

Professor Charles Xavier was shown lying on the ground with his telepathy power out of control. Earlier, a breakdown of Logan trailer confirmed that Professor X is suffering from dementia. The Logan Super Bowl 51 teaser revealed Xavier possibly having a seizure.

Wolverine was also shown badly hurt and fallen on the ground. His Adamantium Blades are out, as he struggled to crawl. A plot description confirmed that Logan is losing his healing powers and is in a weaker state than ever shown before.

The teaser clip also showed Logan as Laura holds his arm. It is possible that both characters are overlooking Professor X’s grave after his death. There is a speculation that Xavier will meet his end in the movie.

Logan, which was directed by James Mongold, will be released on March 3rd. The movie has been rated R with heavy violence. It has also been rumored that Logan would die in the movie, as it is likely the last movie featuring Hugh Jackman as the X-men character.

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