Logan Rating: No Longer PG 13, Says Patrick Stewart

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Actor Patrick Stewart reemphasized that the upcoming X-Men franchise will no longer be under the PG-13 category. He expressed his satisfaction about this saying that the film, indeed, will push boundaries. It was in January when the Motion Picture Association of America officially put Logan to the rated R category.

Logan Rating: The new Wolverine movie received an R-rating

Film director James Mangold confirmed the R-rating on Twitter in January this year. He stated that the film received the R classification due to the film’s strong brutal violence and language throughout the film. The film also had brief nudity.

On Thursday, Stewart stated that Logan is unlike any X-Men predecessor films. The actor believed that the film is a huge step in the superhero genre. In an exclusive interview with Collider, he said that Wolverine’s prowess will not be restrained by the PG-13 rating. Basically, when Wolverine frees his claws, the camera will not deviate from the carnage. Fans will get to see what happens to the victims’ flesh when it comes in contact with Wolverine’s razor-sharp claws.

Aside from Stewart’s reiteration of the film’s nature, he also shared details about his character. Stewart described Xavier as violent, angry, out of control and dangerous. According to the actor, with the film equipped with an R-rating, his character will have a sense of humor, a unique vocabulary which he described as offensive.

Fans knew that Logan pursued for an R-rating. The best part is the fact that both Stewart and Hugh Jackman wanted the restricted rating. When the script was handed to Stewart, he was happy and satisfied with the story line. Mangold revealed that Jackman had agreed on a paycut so that the film will receive an R-rating. Historically, R-rated films do not perform well at the box office unlike the Wolverine films in the PG-13 rating. However, there are exceptions like the box office hit Deadpool.

Hugh Jackman’s daughter has playdates with his 12-year-old co-star

Logan will be a memorable film in Jackman’s career. This will be his last time to portray the infamous role of Wolverine. While Jackman will be leaving his role as Wolverine, his young co-star, Dafne Keen, is just starting. The young actress will portray Laura, also known as X-23, who will serve as Wolverine’s clone. Both Jackman and Stewart praised the girl’s acting chops. As an added treat, Jackman’s 11-year-old daughter, Ava Eliot Jackman, is good friends with Keen.

Jackman revealed that he served as a chaperon for Ava and Keen’s playdates. He even accompanied them on a trip to Baton Rouge and on a waterpark. Jackman is amazed on how Keen was a simple girl with her daughter but when the camera starts rolling, she becomes a tough girl fighter.

On the set, Laura will be slicing the flesh of enemies. Judging with how Jackman described Keen’s scenes, it can be said that it contributed to the R-rating given to the movie. “It was so weird taking them to Baton Rouge to a waterpark on a Sunday, then on Monday, there’s Laura just slicing and dicing and being completely bada**,” Jackman told ET Online in exclusive interview.

For Stewart’s full interview with Collider click here.

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