Logan New TV Spot Hints All Mutants Are Gone

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A new Logan TV spot hinted the possibility of a world without mutants. In an exchange with Wolverine, Charles introduced a mutant they once discussed before. Wolverine had an unexpected reaction stating “Charles, there hasn’t been a new one born in 25 years.”

The new Logan TV spot reveals the possible extinction of mutants

Wolverine’s statement was hinted in various leaks, promos and press release regarding the movie. However, the reality of the statement is yet to be validated from the official film. There are rumors that the mutant population had been annihilated which caused concern for some avid fans of the series.

Wolverine’s actor, Hugh Jackman, teased the story line about the mutant’s nearing extinction. The buzz started after Jackman posted a photo of a bathroom stall with the words “Where are all the mutants?” scratched on the door. However, the latest TV spot was the first time that fans heard a particular scene in the film indicating the state of the mutant population in the Logan timeline.

According to extended synopsis of the film, the mutant population shrunk considerably in the year 2024. Moreover, the X-Men have disbanded. Logan’s power of self-healing is already dwindling. He surrendered himself into a life of alcoholism. Logan earns a living as a driver. He is also taking care of the ailing Professor X whom he keeps hidden. One day, a female stranger asks Logan to drive a woman named Laura to the Canadian border. Initially he refuses, however, the Professor has been waiting for a long period of time for her to appear.

A ruthless pursuit draws Logan back into the world of mutants

The synopsis, also published by Comic Book, further stated that Laura has an extraordinary fighting expertise like Wolverine.
Mysterious and ominous figures working for a powerful corporation are pursuing Laura. Her DNA’s connection with Logan which is the reason why they are after her. A ruthless pursuit will draw back Logan into the world of mutants.

In this third cinematic getaway including the Marvel comics character Wolverine, fans see the superheroes beset by daily problems. They are aging, ailing and having a hard time to survive financially.

Did a Marvel character foreshadowed the mutants’ extinction?

The fact that mutants’ extinction is taking place will be hard for fans. In another branch of the Marvel story, Scarlet Witch also hinted about the mutants’ extinction. After becoming unsteady due to her powers, a group of heroes, including Avengers and X-Men heroes, deduced that Scarlet Witch’s powers were unsafe. She triggered too much damaged and death. Her twin, Quicksilver, convinced her to change the world. At the end,she uttered the words, “No more mutants.” Comic Vine published a complete copy of the snypsis.

Whether Scarlet Witch’s words hold some reality in connection to Logan is yet to be revealed. The dark and mysterious world of the mutants will once unfold on the big screens. Logan will hit the cinemas on March 3.

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