Logan Movie New Footage Reveals Laura Is From the Lab Too

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Logan Movie New Footage Reveals Laura Is From the Lab Too PHOTOGRAPH: Logan Official Facebook Page |

Director James Mangold has shared a new clip from the upcoming Logan film. In the footage, Laura, also known as X-23, was locked in a laboratory. The footage proved that like Logan, Laura came from the lab as well. The recent trailer showed the dark side of the plot which is new in the franchise.

If the trailers inform the world anything about Logan, it implies that viewers should not expect an ass-kicking superhero. The previous trailers for the film guaranteed to go dark. However, the recent trailer cemented the fact that the film will have a chilling story line in it.

Logan Movie New Footage: The lab messed Laura’s psychology

Little is known about the movie’s plot in spite of the trailers. Fans understand that the main villains of the film will be The Reavers as well as the Weapon X. The film also inculcated the existence of Wolverine’s clone, X-23. Dafne Keen will play the character of the mysterious clone. Movie critics want to see how precise or close X-23’s big screen version versus the comic book’s version. Laura is a young girl who needs the help of Logan. She is being hunted by ominous dark forces who have plans about her abilities.

Warning: SPOILERS from the comic book

Laura or X-23 is a mutant cloned from Wolverine’s own DNA. She has similar abilities with Wolverine, which include fast recovery and considerable strength or agility. Accordingly, she has adamantium claws, two in each hand and more in her feet. In the footage, fans see the medical experiments that provided her the claws. Unfortunately, the lab experiment caused psychological trauma to Laura. The trailers for the film revealed that Laura has fighting abilities that can compete with Wolverine. The recent trailer was the first video which verified that she originated from a laboratory.

Logan Movie New Footage: Movie executives concerned over the film’s dark tone

According to Variety, the “Wolverine” franchise drew concerns internally that it would be too dark for the fans’ discerning taste. Twentieth Century Fox Film chairman Stacey Snider confirmed the executives’ concerns. Snider stated that there is real consternation about the film’s intense tone. The executives see the film as an elegy about life and death. She added that the paradigm of the film has a Western feel. Logan is not the wise-crack and bad-ass Wolverine like he used to be. Snider said that major concern among her colleagues is if the film is too boring.

Logan is scheduled for release on March 3 with Hugh Jackman reprising his role for the last time. The motion picture’s marketing strategy went into overdrive with a spot in the Super Bowl. The marketing tactic kicked up a fresh wave of social-media chatter about the raw nature of the motion picture compared to its predecessors in the franchise.

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