Logan Has Post-Credit Scene: Here’s What We Know

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Fans are advised to stay on their seats until the credits ended. A recent report confirmed that there will be a Logan post-credit scene. The footage was not included during the pre-screening but it certainly will be a part of the film once it is out on the market.

Logan post-credit scene confirmed

Fans wondered as to whether the upcoming blockbuster will feature a post-credit scene similar to other superhero films. The early screenings for the film did not have a post-credit scene which was expected from most superhero movies. However, report from Collider confirmed that fans will get to enjoy a post-credit scene of the film.

According to the report, the bonus scene is tucked somewhere at the end of Logan. There is no confirmation whether the bonus will play during the credits or after it has finish rolling. Rumors about a bonus scene started a few days earlier. Fox submitted a new version of Logan which was three minutes longer than the pre-screened version. It was an unusual additional length for the film. Hence, the fans speculated that Logan will have a bonus scene.

The post-credit scene of the film became a huge deal for most fans due to the departure of Jackman from his character. Logan will be Jackman’s last time to portray his iconic role, Wolverine. The post-credit scene will surely make the fans nostalgic about the good times when X-Men first started.

Logan Movie Plot, Release Date and Spoilers

The plot of Logan will be darker than usual. In the near-future, the mutants will be pushed to the brink of extinction. For nearly two decades, there is no mutant born. Logan is no longer the feisty Wolverine – he is barely making a living as a limo driver. He takes care of the ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart).

Logan’s world changed after a mysterious woman asked his help to aid Laura (Dafne Keen). Laura is a young mutant whose abilities is similar to Wolverine. In the comic books, Laura is also known as X-23 which was a clone of Wolverine.

Like Logan, Laura was also held in a laboratory facility where she was experimented by people. It caused psychological trauma on the young girl. Initially, Logan was hesitant to help Laura until a string of events urge him to help out. The film is rated R due to its violent content. Fox will release Logan on theaters on March 2, 2017.

To read the full report from Collider click here.

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