Live Cockroach Found Inside Woman’s Skull

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Live Cockroach Found Inside Woman’s Skull From Pixabay Under Public Domain

A live cockroach has been pulled out from inside a woman’s nostrils. The 42-year-old patient, only identified by local reports as Selvi, had the cockroach inside her skull for twelve hours. The event took place in Injambakkam, Chennai.

Live Cockroach: The Discovery

According to Selvi, a strange crawling sensation in her nostrils woke her up. She tried to go back to sleep, but the sensation escalated to a strange burning feeling. Right then and there, she immediately went to the nearest clinic with her son-in-law.

After a nasal endoscopy was conducted on her, doctors found peculiar results. A cockroach was sitting on the base of her skull, close to the brain and between her eyes. The most shocking part? The insect was still alive.

According to the Times Of India, Selvi initially thought she might be getting a cold. However, when the crawling sensation started feeling like an object is jiggling in her head, she knew something was wrong. “I could not explain the feeling but I was sure it was some insect,” Selvi said.

It had taken four hospitals and several doctors to finally get to the bottom of what she was experiencing. The first doctor said that the problem could be a suspected nasal growth. During the third hospital visit, doctors stated that the irritation was due to the presence of a foreign body. A scan then revealed that an insect was indeed moving around her skull.

Live Cockroach: Doctors’ Reaction

The New Indian Express reported that Dr. M.N. Shankar, head of the ENT department at the hospital, found the incident unbelievable. He stated that in his 30 years of practice, he had not encountered a case like this before. Doctors at the Stanley Medical College and Hospital were also baffled to discover the insect alive and living inside the skull.

Shankar explained that the insect sat in the skull base, between the two eyes and near the brain. He stressed that if more time had passed, the insect would have died. In that case, the patient would develop an infection that may have reached the brain.

Surgeons finally got rid of the insect using suckers and clamps. They stated that it was difficult to remove because of the area it was sitting on. “I had to first drag it to a place from where I could pull it out. It was finally removed after 45 minutes,” Shankar added.

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