Life On Mars: Nuclear War Destroyed Home For Intelligent Species

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Life On Mars: Nuclear War Destroyed Home For Intelligent Species PHOTOGRAPH: ESO/M. Kornmesser/Wikimedia Commons | Eso1509a – Mars planet

A scientist was trying to convince people that Mars was a home for intelligent species. However, they believe life on mars destroyed by nuclear war.

Life On Mars: Nuclear War Destruction

Scientists believe that life on Mars got wiped away because of the impact of nuclear war. Dr John Brandenburg from the United States has been offering a theory that there is proof of two massive nuclear explosions on the Red Planet.

Furthermore, he had also talked about certain archaeological relics left behind by ancient life on Mars, said Express UK. Dr Brandenburg noted that the nuclear war occurred almost half a billion years ago.

The evidence of the explosion could be discovered in two major locations. According to the plasma physicist, anyone who is capable of reading a map could find the blast sites.

Moreover, he informed that the strongest shock-waves are generated from Cydonia mesa and Galaxias Chaos. These are the two sites, conspiracy theorists have always claimed to be areas of ancient Martian archeology.

In addition, he said that just like the Bronze Age on Earth, life also started on Mars. However, he said that it was wiped off by nuclear explosion implemented by alien aggressor from another planet, said another report from Express UK.

The grounding of his theories are mostly data obtained by NASA. These mostly talk about “weapon-signature” isotopes.

The data showed two major nuclear “airbursts” in the Northern regions of the planet. He claimed to have identified thin layer of uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium.

“Given the large amount of nuclear isotopes in Mars atmosphere resembling those from hydrogen bomb tests on Earth, Mars may present an example of civilization wiped out by a nuclear attack from space.” Dr Brandenburg said.

Mars: Maintaining Secrecy

It was also alleged that the U.S. Government had been aware of what took place since NASA first sent probes to the Red Planet in 1976. However, the truth had been kept away in order to avoid hysteric public reaction.

Dr Brandenburg had once been a speaker at a Secret Space Program conference last year. There he had said that secrecy inside government is the unethical thing to do. But it is sometimes necessary.

“I think it’s a good thing that this cover-up on Mars is ending,” he said. “Hopefully at some point we can sit down and have a frank conversation not about what happened on Mars 250 million years ago but what is happening right now.”