Life On Mars: NASA Finds Possible way to House Astronauts on the red Planet

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Life On Mars: NASA Finds Possible way to House Astronauts on the red Planet Mars – Gale Kevin Gill / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0 /a>

Ahead of its vision to send first humans on Mars by 2030, NASA has announced a daring approach on how to make it possible.

Banking on Mars’ abundance of ice, the building plan can be effective in making the NASA team survive the harsh Martian weather. NASA also claimed that the structure basically uses the protective layer of thick ice cap found on Mars’ surface.

Mars Ice Home

However, NASA considered the structure called “Mars Ice Home” only as a low-tech design. NASA noted, though, that it could provide a protective layer against the harmful cosmic radiation of Mars.

NASA scientists Kevin Vipavetz revealed that the final design emerged from a pool of ideas and concepts for the mission. Several ‘crazy’ and innovative designs were drawn out to come up with the final structure that the mission would use.

“After a day dedicated to identifying needs, goals and constraints we rapidly assessed many crazy, out of the box ideas and finally converged on the current Ice Home design, which provides a sound engineering solution,” Vipavetz said in a statement Friday.

Key Features

Apart from its ingenious design, the designer behind the Mars Ice Home boasts some of its outstanding features. Some of the key features that make it a unique one are its sturdiness and compactness. It also sports some of the needed equipment needed by the researchers on Mars.

It was described as a sturdy structure capable of withstanding the harsh condition on Mars. But despite its sturdiness, it remained compactness, which is a significant feature of a space facility.

NASA noted that the structure is so compact that even a simple robot can install it with ease. This is on top of its crucial feature of providing protective covering against toxic rays that could cause serious skin diseases.