Life Hacks: New York Students Formulate Unique Ideas For Better College Preparation, Time Management

Life Hacks: New York Students Formulate Unique Ideas For Better College Preparation, Time Management Life Hacks Nazareth College / Flickr

Intelligent high school students from New York were able to formulate unique ideas for better college preparation, life hacks that also contribute to better time management.

As reported by Forbes, these students created a life hack that would be useful for their fellow students. The life hack could also generate income in the future. From building a concept, the students made a business plan and starter websites to showcase their life hacks.

The Hackathon was co-hosted by Level Up this weekend. The high school students were grouped into three or four members.

These students surely know how to play with modernization. A lot of ideas were out of this world but can be really useful like an app that can give you a preview of what haircut you would want using filters inspired by Snapchat. This way, you can get a real preview of the haircut’s outcome and say bye to regrets.

Although that app can be really unique and useful at the same time, they lacked college preparations and time management, which are the main goals of the Hackathon. Out of all the rare and catchy ideas, three groups were able to make it.

Best Life Hacks From New York Students

A project named Chronicle made it to the third spot. This is a website where students and teachers can interact through monitoring deadlines for homework. The team behind Chronicle are Daniel Garcia, Zhen Xiao, Alexandro Jacob and Leart Mustafa from Brooklyn Technical High School.

The second spot belonged to Métier, by Nitin Kumar, Noor Khan, James Sasuman and Eloy Carrasco from Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical High School. Metier is a website in which you can search for internships with companies and businesses that match a student’s unique set of skills.

The first place winners were students from Bronx Academy for Software Engineering. The team members are Eram Manasia, Shemar Dacosta and Fredi Ramirez. They were able to come up with a website called Labyrinth that lets them discover extracurricular activities in their vicinity based on their personal interests.