Life Hacks: Your Fridge Can Now Dispense Pizza, Sort Of [Watch]

Life Hacks: Your Fridge Can Now Dispense Pizza, Sort Of [Watch] Wow_Pho / 96 images Pixabay

Life hacks have become one of the most popular trends on YouTube and is aimed at making one’s life just a tad easier. One of the most recent life hacks is the fridge being converted into a pizza dispensing device.

Ice Dispenser Delivers Pizzas?

Do you crave for pizza at odd hours of the day, say past midnight? Then this hack can literally be a life saver.

When most of the pizzerias are closed for the day, you can get a steady supply of your favorite snack right at your home. Granted, that it won’t be as fresh as you might like it to be. But hey, something is still better than going hungry!

Chase Laub, a YouTuber, posted a video where he had turned an ice dispensing unit into a frozen pizza roll dispensing machine. He holds up a Winnie the Pooh designed plate up to the dispenser and a flood of pizza rolls plops down on the plate.

But why transform an ice dispenser at all? The text on the video says “Because I use this more than ice.”

Other Fridge Life Hacks

However, this is by no means the first fridge hacks up on the internet. People have been innovative when it comes to using their refrigerators for years now.

Gregor Stevenson uploaded a video on YouTube showing one such hack. In the video, the water dispenser in the fridge has been emptied of drinking water and filled with white wine instead.

So every time you feel like having a chilled glass of wine, when you get back from work, all you have to do is hold your wine glass up against the water dispenser. You don’t ever have to regret not having put the bottle of wine in the fridge before you left home.

Then there was also the Halloween-dream-come-true hack that Deric Peace came up with. He turned his ice dispenser into a candy dispensing machine!

Using this hack, one can have frozen Reese’s Pieces and Smarties at any time of the day with just a press of a button!