LG Introduces 0.15 Inch Wallpaper-Like TV: Release Date, Pre-order, Prices And What We Know So Far

LG Introduces 0.15 Inch Wallpaper-Like TV: Release Date, Pre-order, Prices And What We Know So Far LG curved OLED TV Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr cc

If you thought television technology could not get any thinner or better in terms of quality, LG is prepared to make you eat your thoughts.

In the most futuristic attempts at redefining TV-watching, LG is introducing W7 OLED, a television model resembling a wallpaper, in that it becomes part of the wall it is attached to.

‘Thin’ Is In!

First of all, “attached” may be the incorrect word to use since one can easily peel the TV off the wall whenever one wishes. This is because only the top half of the TV uses a special flush-mounting plate, screwed onto the wall, while the bottom half sticks to the surface using magnets.

This is where its weight becomes a big advantage. The W7 comes in two sizes – 65 and 77 inches. While the former weighs less than 18 pounds, the later is just 27 pounds.

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In case you are wondering what that would mean for the thickness of the frame, imagine a couple of coins stacked together. That’s it! It is merely 0.15 inch thick.

However, the ultra-thinness won’t prove as a determent to the picture quality; after all, it uses OLED technology. In case you are unfamiliar with it, it is the same higher light transmitting technology used in phones and laptops.

According to Mashable, it makes the W7 OLED appear transparent when switched off. It is similar to the 18-inch opaque model launched by LG back in 2014. Only this time, it is a whopping 65 inches!

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Release Date, Pricing Of LG W7

LG W7 is ready to hit the market in March this year. However, if you want a headstart on pre-booking one of these, you can do so starting the following week.

Prepare for LG’s latest spectacle to burn a huge hole in your wallet, though, because while the 65-incher costs something around $10,000, the 77-incher can be claimed for as high as $20,000.

When it comes to quality and performance, CNET claims that initial testing revealed it to surpass the likes of LCD TVs from Sony and Samsung!

The future is definitely here!

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