Lethality of US Nuclear Weapons Increased by Factor of 3 with “Super Fuze” Device

Lethality of US Nuclear Weapons Increased by Factor of 3 with “Super Fuze” Device PHOTOGRAPH: F 15 | Under Public Domain

The United States implemented revolutionary and advanced technologies as part of the military’s nuclear modernization. The modernization will vastly increase the U.S.’ targeting capability with its ballistic missile arsenal. The increase in capability boosts the overall power of the existing U.S. ballistic missile forces three times than before. The upgrade provides the capacity to even win a nuclear war by disarming enemy force with a surprise first strike.

While the other countries show off their nuclear arsenals, the U.S. Navy quietly added a new super-fuze to the warhead. It dramatically increased the Navy’s ability to destroy hard targets. The new infusion of the super-fuze increases the W76 warhead that can destroy other countries’ advanced ICBM silos.

The super-fuze is now operational on all the nuclear warheads deployed on the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines of the Navy. Prior to the time that the super-fuze came to being, the most accurate ballistic missile warhead might not detonate even the closest targets. Before, warhead can fly beyond its target point and land too far from it. However, the new device can now destroy fixed targets. A ballistic missile with the super-fuze will effectively detonate above or around its target. This brings specific destruction on an enemy’s base.

U.S. nuclear weapons receive an upgrade with the new super-fuze

The probability of destroying a fully-hardened target with a super-fuzed warhead is about 86 percent. The current rate is a great probability compared to the hit rate at 50 percent before the new technology arrived. The improvements in U.S.’ killing power, allows submarine carrying ballistic missiles to patrol with more than three times the number of warheads. It becomes more lethal with the fact that with hundred in storage in one submarine which can destroy an entire fleet of land-based missiles in the silos.

While the U.S. is ramping up its gear, other nations such as Russia and China also increase their arsenal. The Federation of American Scientists deduced that Russia has a total of 7,300 nuclear warheads. Nevertheless, it is only an estimation of the exact numbers of every country is a national secret.

Russia is also building nuclear trains which are functions as mobile silos for its missiles. It would mean that the Russia can launch the nuclear weapons in various locations. This will be difficult for an enemy to target since the missile silos are moving. Meanwhile, China appears to adopt the rail and tunnel systems to protect their nuclear weapons.

Source: The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

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