Leica M10: Specs, Price, Facts About the Powerful 24MP Digital Camera


The Leica M10 will be the latest digital rangefinder camera on the market. The M10 stuffed hi-tech camera features under its frame. Leica did not hold back with its latest digital camera innovation.

Leica introduced the M9 in 2009 and the model received massive success, leading to the all-new Leica M10. The M10 will surely have noticeable differences on its exterior design. The new model looked a lot like the standard Leica but opted to shed the weight of the older versions.

The company brought dimensions into reality through the new camera. The top plate’s depth is at 33.75 millimeters. The unit is a whole is four millimeters thinner than the older Leica M Typ 240. Leica boasted that the M10 is the slimmest digital M unit. Aside from its thin frame, Leica also made the unit lighter. The M10 is 20 grams lighter than the M Typ 262. The weight, including the batteries, is only 660 grams.

The exterior is impressive enough, but the camera’s specification is truly outstanding. CNET reported that the M10 is a powerful 24mp digital camera. It has a new Maestro II image processor with a display device performance of 5fps max shooting. It has a 1.04M-dot rear LCD with a large viewfinder. Moreover, the unit has a built-in WiFi and weather sealing.

Basically, the M10 features a brand new wireless connectivity, processor and image sensor. The aesthetic of the unit boasts a clean matte finish with a modern feel. The camera is also ready for any conditions due to to its brass and magnesium construction.

The M10 has one striking feature with the new ISO setting dial on the top plate. It will be the first time for a device from the M series to have all the essential functions in one unit. These functions include the shutter speed and focus manual selection that can be done without turning the camera on.The ISO click dial on the top has a sensitivity range of 100 to 50,000. Undoubtedly, the M10 is Leica’s most advanced camera while remaining true to its quality and durability.

However, there is a downside with the latest innovation from Leica. It seemed to pack a smaller and lesser powerful battery. Also, the unit does not come cheap according to WIRED, which costs $6,595.

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