‘The Lego Batman Movie’ 2017 Director Chris McKay Hopeful to Direct a Live-action DC Movie

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‘The Lego Batman Movie’ 2017 Director Chris McKay Hopeful to Direct a Live-action DC Movie PHOTOGRAPH: The Lego Batman Movie | The Lego Batman Movie, Facebook

The Lego Batman Movie is definitely on the road to success judging by fans’ reactions to the work of director Chris Mckay. The promo clips and photos released have already appealed to the taste of expectant DC fans. With this expected success, McKay will now be aiming to “pitch” for himself to direct a live-action DC film movie. He has the fans’ support after all.

Fan Wanted To Start Petition Suggesting The Lego Batman Movie Director For DCEU

Recently, DC fans got to interact with McKay on Twitter. While some of them congratulated and thanked him for The Lego Batman Movie, other fans took the opportunity to ask him about his next directorial plan with DC. His answer made the fans all the more thrilled.

A fan, who goes by the Twitter handle Mighty Icon, asked the possibility of him taking on a live-action DC movie in the future. “It’s a long shot but I’d like to be a part of it somehow. Thank you,” Mckay answered. The fan also expressed his desire to jump start a petition involving online tweets to DC COO Geoff Johns. But it looks like Mckay has already taken the next step. “Thanks nice Mighty Icon but I’m going to go in and see those guys and pitch myself and go from there… but thank you!” McKay replied. The tweets are embedded below for fan’s reference.

Fans Can Watch The Animated Movie Earlier Thanks To Advance Screening

The Lego Batman Movie is set to release on February 10.  Fortunately, several regions in the US have confirmed their advance screening schedule. Advance Screening has provided the entire listing of states along with the cities.

Arizona, California, New York, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia and several other states will have their next screening on Saturday. Fans can expect reviews for The Lego Batman Movie to kick in soon later this weekend.

The Lego Batman Movie also caused some controversy before its release. A promo clip revealed The Batman having a romantic interest for Barbara Gordon. Earlier in Batman: The Killing Joke, fans revealed their concern with the romantic relationship shared by Batman and Barbara Gordon.

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