The LEGO Batman Movie: Dark Knight Meets DCTV Superheroes And The Big Bang Theory Cast

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The LEGO Batman Movie: Dark Knight Meets DCTV Superheroes And The Big Bang Theory Cast PHOTOGRAPH: The Lego Batman Movie | The Lego Batman Movie, Facebook

The LEGO Batman Movie is certainly one of the hilarious versions of the Dark Knight. The character has managed to appeal to the general audience and to longtime DC fans as well. Furthermore, the animated movie has also received acclaimed reviews from critics as well.

The LEGO Batman had a chat with some of the other superheroes from DC Universe. But they don’t seem to be from Justice League. The Lego Dark Knight had an amusing interaction with none other than the DCTV Superheroes under The CW.

The Flash Interrupts Batman During Detective Work

The promo video titled “LEGO Batman meets CW Superheroes” showed the Dark Knight struggling to understand the meaning of CW. As he attempted to breakdown the so-called cryptic text, The Flash, played by Grant Gustin, went to LEGO Batman questioning what he’s up to.

LEGO Batman mockingly replied, “Detective work, you wouldn’t understand” to The Flash. Arrow also made a surprising appearance out of nowhere. But when Supergirl came in, LEGO batman was led to believe that CW is “Kryptonian woman.” Check the embedded video below.

The LEGO Batman Movie Star Talks to Sheldon

LEGO Batman also met the cast of The Big Bang Theory. In the first video, the Dark Knight went over to sit in Sheldon’s Spot and became a victim of his obscure explanation. Penny, Raj and Leonard also interacted with LEGO Batman in the next video. The Dark knight supported Raj, saying that George Clooney is one of the best Batman actors. Before concluding, he embraced the fact that he is “super interesting.”

In other news, Deadline reported The LEGO Batman Movie is expected to perform very well in the box office. The movie is predicted to bring in over $60-65 million in the United Stated. To compare, Fifty Shades Darker is is second in the projection with $35 million revenue.

Fans must note, though, that The LEGO Batman Movie may dominate in the U.S. But internationally, Christian Grey’s movie has gained steam. Fifty Shades Darker is projected to earn $80-120 million, way higher than The LEGO Batman Movie’s $40 million. The LEGO Batman Movie will be released on Feb. 10.

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