Legion Season 1 Review: Find Out if It’s Just Another Superhero TV Show


Fans are looking out for Legion season 1 review to see if the series is another superhero-motivated series. The series is garnering hype due to its plot as well as its association with the Marvel universe. At first glance, the series seemed to be another superhero TV show. The series has moments when it seemed to be a branch of the X-Men franchise. However, those times are rare and the series was able to surpass the notion that it is simply another superhero show.

Legion does not neglect the elements that comprise X-Men’s motion pictures and comics’ plot line. There are government representatives who want to manage and eliminate mutants, a school for gifted people, and the identity crisis of most mutants. Still, Legion does not head out of its way to acknowledge its mutant connection. Showrunner Noah Hawley provided the benefits of his decision to focus on a non-traditional scope in the mutant world. He chose to dive into the world of psychological illness.

The story follows a man named David Haller (Dan Stevens). He lived in a psychological organization for most of his adult life after struggling with visual and auditory hallucinations. The doctors diagnosed David as a paranoid schizophrenic. Due to his condition, his family abandoned him. He resigned himself to the belief that he is insane and took his current living arrangement in stride.

In spite of everything the doctors told him, David cannot help but wonder that something is going on behind the scenes. Whenever he gets mad, things will fly and people will get hurt. David began to question his sanity when he encountered another mental patient, Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller).

David soon discovered that he holds powerful telekinetic abilities. He was brought to a school where he can develop and harness those capabilities. Eventually, David realized that there are people who would like to help him utilize his abilities to the full extent like his mentor, Melanie Bird (Jean Smart). However, there are also people like government agents who want to use him as a weapon.

Legion Season 1 Is More Than a Superhero Story

Legion is a part of the X-Men series but the mutants are not the centerpiece of the story. The series finds its luster in its portrayal of mental disorder. Fans can see that David is going through something frightening. The ‘illness’ made the character puzzled and alienated. Despite the conflict, he managed to keep a favorable mindset.

Superhero TV shows and films focused on powerful beings (in this case, a mutant) coming together to save the world or people from a villain. Legion is the same in the context with premises of X-Men inculcated in the plot. Nonetheless, the show focuses on the character’s ability to deal with the health problem being offered. David is a hero in the sense that he navigates his relationships which put people first instead of their illnesses.

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