Legion Season 1 Chapter 5: There’s a Threat Against David

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Legion Season 1 Chapter 5: There’s a Threat Against David PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Legion FX |

A new threat will emerge in the upcoming Legion season 1 chapter 5. Every scene of Legion is slowly unfolding new secrets, especially about David’s past. As the Melanie and the others try to unravel David’s mind, a looming threat from within threatens the safety of the team.

Legion season 1 chapter 4: David is trapped within his own mind

Legion episode 4 was filled with convolution. David did not wake up from the sedative after the team tried to enter his mind. The others who saw his memories could not trust what they saw. Melanie sent Barett and Wallace in order to find Philly to learn more about what happened at his time in Clockworks. They also had to find Kerry, a warrior living inside Loudermilk.

Wallace entered Philly’s memories and went to the office of David’s old psychologist, Dr. Poole. Wallace discovered that David had a male friend named Benny, not a female friend called Lenny. Moreover, David attacked Dr. Poole who revealed himself to be The Eye. As Wallace looked for answers, an astral plane trapped David’s mind where he meets Oliver, who was also trapped with him. David refused to wait for rescue with Oliver. He escaped with the encouragement from an apparition of Lenny. On his way out, David rescued the others from the Eye.

Legion season 1 chapter 5 will present a new threat to David and the team

In chapter 5, David will confront a more difficult situation in order to rescue his sister Amy. Meanwhile, Melanie, Syd and the rest of the team will continue to work on David’s mind and unveil more secrets.

Lenny was killed in the season’s premiere episode. Syd accidentally killed Lenny at their time at Clockworks. Since then, she kept on appearing within David’s mind. In the past few episodes, only David can converse with Lenny. But the preview for episode 5 showed Lenny seemingly talking to other people at Summerland. The footage hinted that she seems to blame them for David’s situation.

David and the team already know that Dr. Poole is ‘The Eye.’ Dr. Poole told many lies to David. Syd continues to wonder whether they are still inside David’s mind or if they are already in the real world. In addition, the Yellow Eyed Monster will masquerade itself as Lenny. The Yellow Eyed Monster seemed to have a firm grasp of David’s conscious mind due to the Division 3’s attack.

The synopsis for chapter 5 stated that David and the people from Summerland will face a new threat. The threat will prevent him from knowing the truth and the extent of his powers. The show runners did not reveal any information about the threat. However, preview for episode 5 hinted that the new threat might actually be David’s fictitious friend, Lenny.

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