Legion Season 1 Chapter 4: David Haller’s Past Uncovered

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Legion Season 1 Chapter 4: David Haller’s Past Uncovered PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Legion FX |

FX’s Legion continues to raise the bars higher with its surreal and cinematic story line. Fans are excited with the upcoming Legion season 1 chapter 4 due to the cliffhanger left off by chapter 3. Moreover, viewers are enthusiastic to uncover the past of one of the most powerful characters in the X-Men universe, David Haller.

Legion Season 1 Chapter 3: The yellow-eyed demon trapped David in his own mind

In episode 3, David continued to do some memory work together with Wallace and Bird. They explored the time when they took drugs before he was admitted to Clockworks. David, Wallace, and Bird watched the events unfold. However, apparitions haunted David, with his mind working against Wallace. He accidentally teleported their bodies to a different room.

As David undergoes more tests, David loses control. He projected his mind and Barrett’s to Division 3. This led them to find Amy’s interrogation. A mutant called Eye, served as one of Amy’s interrogators, sees the projections before they can return to their bodies. Bird told David that Eye is Walter, one of the founders of Summerland. She is accompanied by Oliver and a scientist named Cary Loudermilk.

Bird became desperate to get through to David and sedated him. Bird, Wallace, and Barrett entered David’s mind and explored it. Unfortunately, David’s memories worked against them which forced them out of David’s mind.

Legion season 1 chapter 4: Will Bird and her team be able to save David from his own psyche?

These events will lead to Legion chapter 4. Bird and her team will try to pull out David from his own mind. Meanwhile, the mysterious yellow-eyed devil trapped David within his own mind. David will need to navigate in his own mind. This gave enough wiggle room for showrunner Noah Hawley to open up more possibilities. In conclusion, Legion will challenge fans and take them on another trip to the mysterious mind of David. Chapter 4 will take a quest to explore the deeper regions of David’s powerful yet twisted mind.

Chapter 3 did not make with its plot progression but fans are excited after David fell into a situation where he is essentially trapped in his own psyche. While Bird’s team attempts to rescue David, Syd goes on her own to find answers on their situation.

Legion explains the struggles of the most famous X-Men psychic characters

X-Men comic book fans are excited due to the fun issues and surreal topics happening to David. Fans will get the opportunity to understand the abstract journeys that psychic characters like Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and Professor X have to undertake.

Legion did not focus on the ‘superhero genre’ but rather, it brought the inner struggles of psychic heroes into life. More importantly, the series revealed that being a superhero is not all about fun and games due to the serious side effects of their powers.

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