Legion Season 1 Chapter 3: Find Out What Happens to David Haller

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Legion became more interesting as more episodes go by. It seems like Legion season 1 chapter 3 will not deter from the path that the first two episodes have taken. Fans noted that the series is not too keen to explain the phenomena within the plot. Still, they found it to be much more deserving for more discussion.

Legion season 1 premise

For the uninitiated, Legion is about a trouble man, David, who was diagnosed as a schizophrenic as a child. David stayed in many mental institution in the past years due to having auditory and visual hallucinations. His supposed illness pull him apart from his family. David is once again back in a psychiatric facility. However, things changed with the arrival of Syd, another patient of the facility. His encounter with Syd allowed David to discover the possibility that he is not schizophrenic but rather a mutant.

Dark government forces wanted David and interrogate him about his ability. Melanie wanted to help David and understand his full potential. Ptonomy, Cary and Kerry help out on Melanie’s mission to aid David in the world of mutants.

Following the trend of the pilot episode, chapter 2 had loose chronology. David’s memories were guided by Ptonomy. There are some instances when David seemed to recall his own memories alone. Nonetheless, David’s past visions were incomplete, distorted and incoherent at some point. The scenes used varied audio and visual manipulations to frame the idea of psychology into the plot. The memories also showed the fact that David’s point of view is reliable might probably not the accurate portrayal of whatever is happening.

Legion Season 1 Chapter 3 plot

FX released a new plot synopsis for chapter 3 but it was unlike the synopsis from other TV shows. When other TV series release their upcoming episode synopsis, there is a clear flow of plot and expectations. Unfortunately, does not follow the same routine. The official synopsis for chapter 3 stated, “David searches for answers, while a threat looms.”

In the trailer for episode 3, David is testing out his powers. Suddenly, David saw the yellow-eyed demon. He pointed towards it and asked if nobody sees what he saw. It was a simple glimpse of the mind-boggling games that episode 3 will offer.

In the third chapter, David will seek answers to the questions that is closely related to his past. As a new threat comes, David is still unstable and cannot control his powers. Fans can catch up on Legion every Wednesday at FX.

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