DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10 Plot: Black Flash Confirmed Along With Mystery Character


Legends of Tomorrow season 2 episode 10 will show diverse characters sooner than expected. Fans have speculated that Black Flash will appear in the Legend’s world. The latest update from the hit show confirmed that the Black Flash will take part in the series.

Black Flash Confirmed for ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Episode 10

Executive Marc Guggenheim confirmed the reports in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The interview was made on the SiriusXM’s Superhero Insider. The producer stated that the black-suited speedster will appear in the series’ second season.

Black Flash made its first appearance on CW’s DC television universe in The Flash’s season 2 finale. Hunter Zolomon (Teddy Sears), also known as Zoom, changed into the Black Flash. The Time Wraiths changed Zoom into Black Flash after Barry (Grant Gustin) defeated him in the season finale.

Will Eobard Die in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Episode 10?

The role of the Black Flash will act as a Grim Reaper for speedsters in the DC comics. Whenever a speedster die, the Black Flash will bring them back to the source of their powers. The source of the speedsters powers is called the Speed Force.

If the Legends of Tomorrow’s Black Flash is the same on the comics, then this foreshadows a speedster’s death. Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) is the only speedster character in the series. The Black Flash’s appearance in the series would signify the possible demise of Eobard.

Actor Teddy Sears portrayed Black Flash in the season 2 finale of The Flash. It is uncertain whether he will reprise the role in the Legends of Tomorrow universe. As of the moment, the actor is playing regular role in Fox’s 24: Legacy.

Apparently, the Black Flash is not the only character from other DC programs that will appear in Legends of Tomorrow. It seems like the Legion of Doom will have Captain Cold, also known as Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller). Miller recently admitted that he does not know the series’ plan for the Legion of Doom. He thinks that Leonard is a leader type of character and he would not fit in with his fellow villains. Miller added that his character is not a team player.

A New Mystery Character Will Join the Show

Aside from Miller’s character, Comicbook reported that the producers confirmed that a mystery character will join the show. Guggenheim teased that they made an offer to an actor to reprise the role he or she had in the other DC TV series. The producer revealed that the character will send fans into squeals of joy once they learn who it will be.

Fans can catch up the series on CW. Legends of Tomorrow season 2 episode 10 will air on Tuesday. Check out the episode’s video promotion below.

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