Latest WhatsApp Update for iOS Brings Smoother Messaging Experience for iPhone and iPad Users

Latest WhatsApp Update for iOS Brings Smoother Messaging Experience for iPhone and iPad Users Under CC BY 2.0

WhatsApp, the world’s most utilized messaging app, was updated for iOS users. The update introduced a load of new features, which can be new or currently available to Android users. The messaging app for iOS now has functions that were already integrated on the Android version.

WhatsApp Update for iOS: Users Can Send Message Without Internet Connection

WCCFTECH stated that the update allowed iOS users to submit more than 10 images in one click. The update bumped the maximum limit for publishing images to 30 images in one go. Prior to this update, iOS users can only send 10 images in one click.

Following the update, users can choose up to 30 images and send it in one go. WhatsApp beta-tested the function for Android users and presented the feature officially in its iOS variant. In addition, WhatsApp lets iOS users queue messages when there is no internet. According to Mirror UK, the queued messages can be sent the moment an uplink is available.

Latest WhatsApp Update for iOS Brings a new Feature

WhatsApp version 2.17.1 is readily available for iOS 7 or higher version. iOS users can download the update from the App Store. The application’s size is 91.2 MB, which brings along a host of nifty functions that makes messaging much simpler.

With the recent upgrade, WhatsApp now has an awesome storage area in its settings. WhatsApp’s Storage Usage area was only made available to the iOS platform. The function is not yet available for Android users. Instead of bringing the function over to Android phones, WhatsApp went on and improved the feature for iPhones.

Most noteworthy of the update is the new storage feature. The Storage Usage area is an awesome location to see which group uses up the most area. Previously, users had to go back to the specific chat windows to clean up the data.

With the latest update, users can clean a specific data on the Storage Usage feature. Users can erase particular media like texts, images, GIFs, videos and voice message from specific chats. To make use of this feature, head over to Settings, Data and Storage Usage. The user can clear specific files on the storage.

Finally, WhatsApp is working on the ability to revoke or modify messages that are already sent to groups or individuals. If users have the beta developed for iOS, they can make use of the function. It must be noted that the feature is not switched on by default and needs manual intervention.

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