Lady Gaga Net Worth to Shoot Up After Super Bowl Halftime Show

Lady Gaga Net Worth to Shoot Up After Super Bowl Halftime Show PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/MIXEvent | Under CC BY 2.0

Lady Gaga is the star of the Super Bowl LI halftime show this year. While many speculate that she may use the opportunity to rant about President Donald Trump, many are also anticipating how the event will boost her bank account. How much is Lady Gaga really worth?

Lady Gaga Net Worth

The singer started from the bottom but is now worth around $275 million. This does not include her earnings in 2015, which, according to Gazette Review, amounted to $59 million alone. Thus, making her total net worth more then $280 million in total. She also owns a Malibu mansion and six acres of land among other things. While she does have a lot of pricey possessions, she does give back to those who need it the most. In fact, she’s been very active in giving to charity and raising millions of dollars to help the homeless.

After the Super Bowl halftime show, Lady Gaga might be able to buy another mansion, triple her net worth and donate more to charities. To be clear, NFL will not be shelling out money for Gaga to grace the event. Nor will she be accepting monetary payment from any of the committee behind the Super Bowl; neither from Pepsi who is sponsoring the halftime show.

As Forbes described it, Super Bowl is an extravaganza. It is watched by approximately 118.5 million people. Judging by the number of viewers, one performance alone is enough for an artist to double his or her following. In fact, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Katy Perry, who all performed in the past, experienced an immense spike in downloads and album sales after their Super Bowl halftime performances. This same effect is expected for Lady Gaga.

How Did Lady Gaga Start?

Everyone knows her as Lady Gaga, but she is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and was born in manhattan. She was admitted to the Tisch School Of The Arts Of NYU but dropped out to pursue her singing career. She then formed her own band called SGBand and would get paid in gigs.

Gaga was discovered by talent scout Wendy Starland for Rob Fusari. According to Gazette Review, she then collaborated with Fusari and was able to secure a contact with Def Jam Recordings. Unfortunately, she was dropped three months later. Luck was on her side though as Fusari was able to secure her a contract with Interscope Records and KonLive Distribution record label. In 2008, she debuted “Paparazzi” and “Poker Face” and won multiple awards for it.


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