Super Bowl Halftime Show: Lady Gaga Might Call Out Donald Trump

Super Bowl Halftime Show: Lady Gaga Might Call Out Donald Trump PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Philip Nelson | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Lady Gaga is the one chosen to perform for the most coveted part of the Super Bowl – the halftime show. As the day nears, speculation mounts that the 30-year-old pop star will take the opportunity to lambaste President Donald Trump. Rumors run wilder when she confirmed in a press conference that indeed, she will be making a statement during the event.

Super Bowl Halftime Show: Will Lady Gaga lambaste Donald Trump?

Gaga has always been known to come up with the most shocking act every time she comes out in public. For one, she has always wowed people with her bizarre choice in clothing. Hence, fans are preparing themselves for a remarkable performance, albeit controversial for the Super Bowl 2017 halftime show. After all, Super Bowl is one of the biggest music events of the year. While the main focus is football, the halftime show has become the perfect platform for artists. Expectations are high for one of the biggest shows on television.

The timing is also ripe for a strong statement against Trump. Under the circumstances, people believe Lady Gaga is cooking something up – something to an extent of having a tirade against the president. CNN reported that betting site Sports Interaction has already offered a payout. The bet is already on: a return of $2.10 on a winning $1 bet that at the very least, Lady Gaga will mention the word “president” or “Trump” on February 5. On the other hand, a bet that she will do otherwise is only at $1.67 on a $1.

Super Bowl Halftime Show: Lady Gaga confirmed she will make a statement

“Having seen Gaga several times, she is not shy, she says what’s on her mind,” USA Today quoted Jem Aswad as saying. He is the senior editor at Billboard. “I would be shocked but not surprised if she just stopped a song and went on an anti-Trump rant,” he said further. However, he instantly followed this statement with a clarification. “But I don’t think it’s going to happen, because that’s very much a bridge-burning move. But at least as many people, if not more, would support a move like that than be angry with her for it,” he explained.

True enough, Lady Gaga said she will indeed make a statement. However, she will only make statements that she’s been making throughout her career. While it does not directly address the politics brought about by Trump, she will highlight the spirit of equality, compassion, and kindness.

Super Bowl Halftime Show: Lady Gaga will have an unforgettable performance

According to Billboard, Mark Quenzel, NFL senior VP of programming and production, noted how big the stage is – literally and metaphorically. The fact that it will be a moment people will remember for a very long time shouldn’t be left out. Hence, most artists consider it a bucket list item on their to-do list as a performer. Whatever is performed on that stage will be attached to the artist for life.

Fans can catch the performance on February 5, Sunday at 6:30 pm ET on FOX. It will also be available via livestream on Fox Sports Go.


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