Kong: Skull Island TV Spot Is Released, Plus Easter Eggs in End Credits

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A new Kong: Skull Island TV spot was released, giving a new perspective on the film. The new TV spot has a clear focus with Brie Larson who plays the character of Mason Weaver. Mason is a photojournalist who gets entangled in a bid to survive the island. The new clip revealed Kong’s kingdom through Weaver’s camera lens. Samuel L Jackson’s character, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard stated that the camera is a more dangerous weapon than a gun in its own right.

New Kong: Skull Island TV spot highlights the female protagonist

The new TV spot also revealed additional exciting snippets for the upcoming film. It highlighted the importance of the female cast members, specifically Larson’s character. As a war photojournalist, Mason is eager to capture the story. She was brought to the island to aid on documenting the team’s research with no idea of what they are about to uncover. The recent TV spot revealed that even before the mission began, she is already asking questions.

Despite the growing suspicion, Mason is desperate to uncover the truth that led her to join the expedition. The new trailer revealed that she is a vital team member. In the previous trailers, the Monarch seemed to not care about losing people for the sake of uncovering new facts. It will not be surprising if they will try to eliminate Weaver. Basically, Monarch is the organization that was in charge in investigating Kong.

Kong: Skull Island Easter eggs

The film is gaining more attention with the release of new TV spots. The film released a TV spot in January which had a handful of Easter eggs within the film. John Goodman’s character, William ‘Bill’ Randa, informed the team that the Skull Island became notorious due to the large number of ships or planes that went missing around it. He proceeded to inform the team that the nuclear tests on the island in 1954 were not actual tests but rather, “they were trying to kill something.”

It seems like Kong: Skull Island is trying to connect with the film Godzilla. In the opening sequence of the Godzilla 2014 film, the scene involved Project Monarch. The Monarch lured Godzilla to an island in order to be blasted with a nuclear bomb. This events occurred in 1954, the same year mentioned in the trailer for the new Kong film.

Moreover, the explosion in the Kong:Skull Island is exactly the same video footage which featured in the 2014 film. In addition, the Monarch logo is found on both the Kong: Skull Island trailer and 2014 Godzilla introduction scene. In conclusion, what the Monarch tried to kill in 1954 is Godzilla which is an official link for the two monsters of the franchise. Fans know that these two monsters will meet face-to-face in 2020’s Godzilla vs Kong.

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