Kong: Skull Island Soundtrack Release date Is Confirmed

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Kong: Skull Island Soundtrack Release date Is Confirmed PHOTOGRAPH: Kong: Skull Island |

WaterMusic announced the upcoming release of the soundtrack for the Kong: Skull Island. The company will release the soundtrack on March 3, a week ahead of the film’s theatrical debut. Warner Bros. Pictures, Tencent Pictures, and Legendary Pictures reimagined the origins of one of the most powerful monster legends of all time. Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed the film. Kong: Skull Island will be released worldwide in 2D, 3D in some selected theaters and IMAX on March 10.

Kong: Skull Island soundtrack shows the film’s humanity and sensitivity

The composer for the soundtrack, Henry Jackman composed music for other box office hits in his career. He composed the symphonic score for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. He also created the soundtrack for X-Men: First Class and Kick-ass films. The soundtrack will highlight Kong’s connection to some of the crew on the island. Jackman stated that he created the soundtrack that shows a bit of humanity and sensitivity.

The composer stated that the great thing about creating a soundtrack for a ‘monster movie’ is the opportunity to use the symphony orchestra in the most ‘sumptuous’ way. According to Jackman, director Roberts celebrated the gravity and history from the full orchestra while exploring some less traditional elements.

Kong: Skull Island new trailer

Aside from the confirmed release of the soundtrack, a new trailer will be released. The official Twitter account for Kong: Skull Island announced the release of a new trailer. The upcoming trailer would likely be the final trailer before the film’s release. Presumably, the new trailer will feature Kong fighting against other huge beasts.

Kong: Skull Island plot and box office updates

The plot of the film focused during the year 1971. A secret organization called the Monarch, found an island shrouded in mystery. The expedition to the island revealed a giant ape, fighting over the dominion against the apex predators, dubbed as the Skullcrawlers. The crew make their plan to survive by defeating Kong and the other predators on the island. However, some of the crew members will realize that Kong is worth saving.

The upcoming release of the film will surely be an interesting month. In the past few years, the month of March has become a competitive month for a lot of Hollywood films. A week before Kong: Skull Island’s release, 20th Century Fox will release the rated-R film, Logan. Fox’s film has been getting a lot of great reviews. The following week will have Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast. The last week of March will also have the Power Rangers movie reboot as well as the sci-fi film Life and rated-R reboot of Chips. It is safe to say that Kong will face a serious competition in the box office arena.

Read the official press release from WaterMusic.

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