Know Why Kate Middleton Might Have Celebrated Her Last Birthday as Duchess of Cambridge

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Know Why Kate Middleton Might Have Celebrated Her Last Birthday as Duchess of Cambridge PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Tsaiproject |

Kate Middleton turned 35 on January 9. The Duchess of Cambridge had lots of quality time with her two children last year. She even went on a meeting with President Barack Obama together with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Kate Middleton may change title

Year 2016 was fraught with rumors of a possible divorce between Kate Middleton and Prince William. Despite such, it seemed like the royal couple will stay together for a long time. Nonetheless, the media’s attention seemed to more focused on Middleton’s possible change of title.

The International Business Times reported that Middleton might have celebrated her last birthday as the Duchess of Cambridge. The reason was not because of her alleged divorce with Prince William. Some people believe that Middleton might receive a new title by next year, should anything happen to Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth II’s health problems sparked talks about royal succession

Queen Elizabeth II’s health condition was put into question after she failed to attend the Christmas church service. The media began to fuss about the reason for her absence. This prompted the Buckingham Palace to release a statement about the real cause of her failure to attend the service.

Reports said that the Queen and Prince Philip suffered a heavy cold. The announcement from the palace was a reminder to the public about the mortality of the Queen.

The Queen will be turning 91 on April. People thought that 2017 might be her last year. The media began to speculate about the royal succession. Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son, Prince Charles, is the first-in-line for the throne. After a formal ceremony, he will become King Charles. His current title is the Duke of Cornwall. His wife, Camilla, is the Duchess of Cornwall.

Brit Royals wrote that when Prince Charles ascends to the throne, Camilla will get the title of Queen Consort. The second-in-line for the throne will be Prince William. When his father becomes king, Prince William will be hailed the Duke of Cornwall; thus, his wife will be the new Duchess of Cornwall. If ever the Queen passed away this year, Middleton’s 35th birthday might be the last time she will be called the Duchess of Cambridge.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William from Charles LeBlanc/Flickr with CC BY-SA 2.0

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