Kim Kardashian Ray J Sex Tape Leaks Anew

Kim Kardashian Ray J Sex Tape Leaks Anew Kim Kardashian by Eva Rinaldi / Flickr – CC BY-SA 2.0

Kim Kardashian is making headlines once again but not for her fashion and her family. This time around something scandalous has once again popped up in Kim K’s life. There are reports that a new sex video featuring the reality star and Ray J was released recently.

There are a lot of things that make big news in Hollywood, from scandals to relationships and the like. However, nothing makes as big news other than a sex tape and nude pictures. The public eats it up like there is no tomorrow when one gets leaked.

Nothing is more embarrassing than to have intimate videos go public. Most of the time they destroy the reputations of the individuals in it. Other times it makes them famous overnight, just like how everyone knew who Kimie was after it got leaked.

Kim K Ray J Sex Video

Although Kim has a family now, the latest news is that raunchy footage has appeared online once again. According to Mirror, there was new footage of her and ex-boyfriend Ray J that recently leaked online. Those who followed her rise to fame know this was what started it all.

Before the public and fans start doing their research online to find it, Kim addressed the issue right away. According to Daily Mail, she denied that she made a second sex tape. In fact she said, “It’s not new- it’s the same old tape.” British newspaper the Mirror claimed that the leak footage showed an image of Kim in lingerie on the bed.

The video originally made its release back in 2003. It was leaked and distributed in 2007 by adult entertainment brand Vivid Entertainment. For the video, she accepted a $5 million settlement from the company and dropped her charges against them.

Kim Kardashian Fights the Controversy by Creating A New Image

In other news, Kim is now a mother to two children and a wife as well. She shared that one of her biggest regrets in life was recording that video. Once it was up on the internet it would be sticking with her name forever. Apart from that, she started out so negatively in the industry that she had to work ten times harder to revamp her image.

Although she and her siblings are the new darlings of Hollywood, she still takes part in some risqué activity. Kim would flaunt her body on social media and even on magazine shoots as well. Though she’s managed to build a much more respectable career, she still loves to show off her curves.


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