Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Was Not Pregnant, New Trial To Be Held In March

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Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Was Not Pregnant, New Trial To Be Held In March PHOTOGRAPH: Emmanuel Dyan/ Flicker |

Kim Hyun Joong received the best news after two years of facing lawsuits when it was revealed his ex-girlfriend fabricated her stories. In South Korea, the K-Pop and K-Drama industries are booming and their stars get instantaneous fame. However, one scandal is enough to taint their name and ruin their careers forever.

New Evidence

Kim Hyun Joong faced a number of lawsuits after his ex-girlfriend, named Miss Choi, filed charges of assault against him. After this, he was then sued billions of Korean Won and was even pointed out as the father of her son. The drama went on since 2014 and the latest court investigations discover that Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend was never pregnant.

Koreaboo listed down the succession of events in a timeline, where the former SS501 band member and actor went through lawsuits, charges and investigations. It also reported the updated facts that were confirmed as fabricated. For one Choi was never pregnant and never had a miscarriage.

Defamation and Fabrication

This particular fact made big news as Hyun Joong allegedly kicked her when she was pregnant. This made him a target to haters who were on the side of Choi. When Choi’s son was born, she denied a DNA test with the actor. Now, that the court revealed she was never pregnant means she is liable for fraud and defamation.

In fact, she fabricated the Kakao Talk chat conversations to create evidence against her ex. Even her statement that she was being forced to have an abortion is also false. She will have an upcoming trial in March.

According to The Chosun Ilbo, Choi had to shell out 100 million Korean Won to pay the actor for damages after breeching a confidentiality agreement. Criminal character was also brought against her for extortion and intimidation. Unfortunately, Kim Hyun Joong had to go to a higher prosecutors’ office to find more evidence.

Not The Only One

This is not the first case where the defamation ruined an actor’s career. Fellow actor and JYJ member Park Yoochun was charged for rape and was extorted for money. Just this month, the woman will be getting two years in jail for false accusations and her boyfriend will be getting 1.5 years in jail as well.


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