Kenya Moore House And Net Worth: ‘RHOA’ Star Can Kill Trespassers

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Kenya Moore House And Net Worth: ‘RHOA’ Star Can Kill Trespassers Kenya Moore Instagram

Kenya Moore house is well protected. The actress has no qualms of shooting anyone who dares harm her or trespass her property. She shared this herself on her Instagram, claiming she is prepared to do what it takes to protect herself, even if it means killing.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared on her social media how she defended herself against the trespassers. In a series of posts, she detailed what transpired on her home on Friday.

She shared that the trespassers climbed over the security gate of her property and actually knocked on her door. She shared photos of security footage showing her aiming a gun at the three, which made them ran away.

Kenya Moore: ‘Shoot first, questions later’

The actress shared that in times like this, she would rather shoot first than ask questions. Questions can come later. She did not mince words on her narration.

“Imma get real real wit’ y’all right now. I just had three motherf***ers come to my front door and knock on it. I didn’t know who they were. They climbed over my fence where I live and came and thought it was a good idea to say, “Hi, Kenya!”’ she shared on a video.

She then added that no matter if her property is still under construction, no one has the right to actually bother and trespass on her home just like that. She then gave a harsh warning to the three, claiming that she is constantly on high alert and that they will not get away with their crime.

“This is far from over. I will be pulling the security footage and I will be getting your license plates and I will be prosecuting you for trespassing,” she added.

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Kenya Moore House: ‘I have a right to feel safe’

She warned the three will serve jail time. She is currently offering $1000 reward to anyone who can identify and help her catch the trespassers. She gave her email address in case anyone has information.

She is not sorry for pulling and aiming a gun at the three because according to her, she has the right to feel safe at her own home. Just recently, the actress hinted on Instagram through a quote that she is ‘rich’ but not in material possessions and money. She said she is rich with the love she receives from her family.