Kate Middleton Reportedly Worried Princess Sofia Will Overtake Her As World’s Most Popular Royal Figure

Kate Middleton Reportedly Worried Princess Sofia Will Overtake Her As World’s Most Popular Royal Figure Prince William and Kate Middleton Prayitno / Flickr

Kate Middleton emerged into the spotlight ever since her romance with Prince William was revealed. Their fairytale wedding was something that captured the imagination of many. It catapulted a common girl at the center of attention.

While Middleton went on to become a royal from a commoner, another similar love story blossomed alongside. It is Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland and Prince of Sweden and Former Swedish model and reality TV star Sofia Hellqvist.

The Similarity Between Kate Middleton And Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip married in June 13, 2015. It was one of the most glamorous wedding ceremonies of the year. The wedding was of no less importance to the fashion critics compared to Middleton and Prince William’s.  In fact, Sofia’s fashion choices were well under the radar since her wedding with Prince Carl was announced in 2014.

While royal fans followed Middleton in almost everything she was up to, Princess Sofia was not off the spotlight also. From her mesmerizing royal wedding, the birth of their first child, to all that followed thereafter, have been well documented.

“For me and my wife, this is obviously a great day with a lot of emotion,” Prince Carl Philip said after his son’s birth, the People reported. “Words cannot describe.”

Not only do Middleton and Sofia has the same commoner’s background, but the two even had a stint with modeling. But the risqué factor between the two fashion stints varied to a great extent. Middleton’s attempt at walking the ramp during a school fashion show was not as racy as Sofia’s 2004 appearance on a Swedish men’s magazine.

Although the PopSugar reported that Sofia’s background as a reality star is a far cry from Middleton’s posh upbringing and educational qualifications. But both of them are handling their royal duties with ease. Whether it is attending important royal events or posing for photos holding props and gifts, they are just getting better.

Kate Middleton Could Be Jealous Of Princess Sofia

However, there are rumors that the Duchess of Cambridge is worried that Sofia would steal the spotlight from her as the world’s most popular royal figure.

Sofia reportedly arrived at the Swedish Academy’s annual meeting looking identical to Middleton. She arrived in a flowing purple gown with a fresh blowout hairstyle. Many felt that she looked like the Duchess of Cambridge.

According to sources, Sofia reportedly wishes to emerge as a royal icon on an international level, like Middleton. She is already one of the most popular royal figures in Sweden.

Prince Carl and Sofia are often referred to as the “the most beautiful royal couple on the planet.” It is rumored that Middleton also wishes that the media would recognize her and Prince William in the same way.