Kaby Lake Intel Pentium G4560 Processor Is a Good Alternative to Core i3-6100, Core i5-2500K CPU

Kaby Lake Intel Pentium G4560 Processor Is a Good Alternative to Core i3-6100, Core i5-2500K CPU PHOTOGRAPH: Youtube/VD64992 | Under Public Domain

The Kaby Lake Intel Pentium G4560 processor was launched at the last CES 2017 event. The processor has a lower price tag but can compete with top processors in terms of performance. The Intel Kaby Lake Core processors became available in the United Kingdom market since last January 17.

The new Intel Kaby Lake Core processors have features like the Optane memory. It will have a better overclock features and advanced graphics. In addition, the Intel Pentium series will feature the new Hyper-Threading. This feature was once found in high-end clips but was recently made available even to the low-end processors. Moreover, the G4560 will also be a dual core processor.

As most consumers know, the Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 are more expensive than the other Intel processors. The higher the core would mean a more expensive price tag. Consumers will now be able to afford a high-performing processor at a lower cost. The Intel Pentium G4560 only costs $64.

Some people will be skeptical with the low cost. This price tag would not generate much interest with the notion that its a low-end processor. However, the specifications and performance of this new CPU can compete with some Core i3 and Core i5 processors.

The best feature of the new Intel Pentium processor has 200 series of chipsets. It includes the Optane memory, which will help devices perform well. Digital Trends reported that the processor has no boost clocks but has a clock speed of 3.50 GHz base frequency. The chip can save up to 3MB L3 cache with a 54W TPD. It also combined the latest HD Graphics 610, which was clocked at 1150MHz.

Kaby Lake Intel Pentium G4560 Processor an Affordable Alternative to Expensive Processors

According to WCCFTECH, the Pentium G4560 can keep in step with the high-functioning processors. It’s even better than some of its predecessors such as the Skylake’s processors. It is also at par with the gaming choice, the Core i5-2500K. All this features are available for a price lower than $100.

The specifications for the new Intel Pentiums are truly remarkable although there are some downsides. The seventh-generation processors did not utilize the AVX2 support, which is an important booster for heavy duty tasks like video rendering. Despite some drawbacks, the new Pentium processor is still considered a high-performing processor for its price.

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