Justice League: Zack Snyder Talks About Group Dynamic, Cyborg Secret Detail Revealed

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Justice League: Zack Snyder Talks About Group Dynamic, Cyborg Secret Detail Revealed PHOTOGRAPH: Gage Skidmore | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Justice League fans are worried about how the story will end up, as the superheroes have different background. There was also a discussion over the tone of the film as well. Director Zack Snyder also gave his thoughts on the upcoming movie.

Snyder recently had a chat with Total Film about Justice League. The director talked about the divergence in character and how it in fact makes the movie fun. “One of the more rewarding aspects of creating Justice League was having fun exploring the dynamic between this diverse group of larger-than-life characters with disparate backgrounds, ethics, and unique perspectives all trying to come together and work as a team,” he said.

Justice League Characters Are From ‘Disparate Backgrounds’

Screenplay writer Chris Terrio confirmed that the team dynamic in Justice League will be lighter, The Wall Street Journal reported. While fans still have not seen these characters in action, the actors portraying them have certainly shown their enthusiasm and support for the movie. Ray Fisher, who will play Cyborg, has continuously promoted Justice League with his personal merchandise. Furthermore, all the cast members have come together in protesting against Dakota Access Pipeline. Snyder said that their off-screen bond helped improved their on-screen chemistry.

“It not only offers an opportunity for great drama and complex relationships. But it also often results in great fun. It’s an exciting concept to explore and it only gets better when you add the component of our incredibly talented cast. Their chemistry really adds to that dynamic,” Snyder added.

In other news, the exclusive Justice League article on Total Film has also revealed details on Cyborg. It has been confirmed that he is the third motherbox in Justice League. In DC Universe, motherboxes are “living computers” used to create Boom Tubes that opens portals to travel through different dimensions and galaxies.

Justice League will hit theaters on November 17. The movie will feature Steppenwolf played by Ciaran Hinds as the villain. It is still unknown at this point if Darkseid will appear in the film.

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