Justice League Trailer #2 Release Date Revealed

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Justice League Trailer #2 Release Date Revealed PHOTOGRAPH: Official Justice League Facebook Page |

Last November, it was teased by DC All Access that Warner Bros would soon release Justice League Trailer #2. Fans hoped the promo clip will be screened along with Rogue One. Unfortunately, it never made it to the big screen nor was it uploaded on the internet.

Zack Snyder later revealed to fans that promotion for “Justice League” will begin during Christmas. Fans were misled to believe that the studio was about to release trailer #2 over the holidays. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. only shared a new photos from the film.

Currently, fans are still expecting the studio to reveal the release date of Justice League #2. Although Warner Bros. remained silent, a DCEU insider was able to get the scoop from another source.

Justice League Trailer #2 To Release In Spring

The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez recently tweeted details on Justice League trailer #2. The journalist revealed that he was “told next JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer would drop in the Spring.”

He added that, “[Warner Bros.] They still have plenty of time to promote the film including Comic Con.” Fans can check out the tweet below.

“Justice League” is slated to release after “Wonder Woman.” It’s explicable that Warner Bros. is currently concentrating on the promotion of Gal Gadot’s standalone movie rather than its Trump Card DC movie.

Earlier, a photo revealed that the studio has begun promotion for “Wonder Woman” in other regions like Mexico. Moreover, it also released an international trailer dubbed in Russian language.

New Trailer Could Reveal Steppenwolf

Warner Bros. has ample time to kickstart its promotion for “Justice League.” However, an early start for Zack Snyder’s movie would likely steal Wonder Woman’s limelight.

“Wonder Woman” will be hitting theaters on June 2, 2017. If Warner Bros. releases “Justice League” trailer #2 in the Spring, fans would be led to anticipate the release of Gal Gadot’s film prior to the DC team-up movie.

“Justice League” is releasing on November 17. It is speculated that the first look at Steppenwolf will be unveiled in the upcoming trailer.

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