‘Justice League’ News: Movie is ‘Lighter,’ Details on Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa

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‘Justice League’ News: Movie is ‘Lighter,’ Details on Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa PHOTOGRAPH: Official Justice League Facebook Page |

Skepticism for Zack Snyder’s Justice League seems to have begun early this year. Due to the failure of “Batman v Superman” in 2016, DC fans continue to worry about Warner Bros.’ trump card set to release in November this year.

Unfortunately, negative reports with serious allegations have once again hurt the branding of “Justice League.” A report by Batman On Film claimed in a report that “Justice League” is a “mess”.

The website has not provided details on the source. But over the years, it has been quite accurate and credible with its reports.

Users on Twitter have posted their concern and frustration for “Justice League.” Some are hate-tweeting DCEU and Warner Bros. due to what is claimed in the report.

Justice League Was Alleged To Be A Mess By New Source

Fortunately, a DCEU insider jumped in to provide his opinion. Daniel Eliesen tweeted, “They are fake,” suggesting that the Batman On Film report is false.

Eliesen also tweeted that we should “expect what you normally expect from Zack [for JL] but lighter. Kids will fall in love w/Ezra, adults will want to be Jason.” Fans can check out his tweet below.

The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez also went live on Periscope to restore some hope into DC fans. The journalist said that if “Justice League” is in trouble, the studio has enough time to fix the errors with reshoots. Fans can check out his live stream here.

Gonzalez said he was able to watch some footage of “Justice League.” Fortunately, the journalist has a positive opinion on the clip.

The Wrap Journalist Restores Hope Into DC Fans

Earlier, Warner Bros.’ “Suicide Squad” went through some reshoots as well. Fortunately, it helped the studio succeed in appealing to the audience and earned millions at the box office.

It must be noted by fans that negative reports on “Justice League” have been baseless. Moreover, it is far too early to accept these cynical reports as well.

“Justice League” is still in the post-production process. Furthermore, the movie is expected to begin promoting in spring. Therefore, Warner Bros. has ample amount of time to implement damage control for Zack Snyder’s movie.

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