Justice League New Photo: Wonder Woman Takes Charge With Aquaman And Cyborg

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Justice League New Photo: Wonder Woman Takes Charge With Aquaman And Cyborg PHOTOGRAPH: Official Justice League Facebook Page |

Warner Bros. has released a new promo photo for Justice League. The image revealed DC’s finest superheroes in battle position. However, it seems the setting is not on Earth.

Games Radar shared the exclusive new image in a recent report. It showed Wonder Woman taking charge of the situation. Aquaman and Cyborg were also shown standing side-by-side.

Wonder Woman can also be seen holding her shield and possibly the God Killer sword. Aquaman is equally terrifying wielding his Trident. However, Cyborg stole the limelight in choice of weapon, as he introduced his Canon.

Wonder Woman Possibly Holding Sword of Ares in Justice League

The God Killer sword or the Sword of Ares will be introduced in Wonder Woman. The weapon belonged to Ares, but a photo and trailer clips from the female superhero movie revealed the weapon in the possession of the Amazonians. Aquaman’s weapon looks similar to Trident of Neptune. The weapon was forged by cyclopes from admantine and Neptune’s own essence. The wielder is given the ability to use magic.

Aquaman Could Summon Sea Creatures

If Aquaman really has the Trident of Neptune, the superhero will be able to control water to create tidal waves and whirlpool. Furthermore, he can also manipulate the weather to summon storms, lighting and heavy rain. Fans might also get to see water creatures transform into other extraordinary beings.

Cyborg’s appearance in the photo has been under debate on forums and social media. While some fans are against the character’s sleek look, other fans praised the changes. The character has left the masses awestruck by introducing his cybernetic transformed arm into a canon.

More surprisingly, the three superheroes do not seem to be standing on mud-land surface. Recent reports also pointed that the environment looks similar to a Kryptonian ship. It could be possible that the Justice League is searching for the Man of Steel.

The background has a hint of blurry materials, suggesting that the ship could be intact to the ground on Earth or afloat. However, if it is in fact the Kryptonian ship, it seems to have been raided by unwelcoming guests. Fortunately, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg are on the spaceship prepped up for battle.

Justice League will be released on November 17. Wonder Woman will be introduced on the big screen in her standalone movie in June. The movie will explain her origin and transformation from Diana Prince of Themyscira to Wonder Woman.

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