Justice League New Photo Shows Batman, The Flash, Cyborg and Wonder Woman Approach a Threat

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Justice League New Photo Shows Batman, The Flash, Cyborg and Wonder Woman Approach a Threat PHOTOGRAPH: Official Justice League Facebook Page |

DC Extended Universe fans continue to campaign for details about the release date of Justice League trailer #2. While Warner Bros. remains silent, the studio still progresses with other forms of promotion for the Zack Snyder’s film. Recently, a new photo has surfaced, catching the attention of excited fans.

Warner Bros. has shared a new photo/still of Justice League to Empire Magazine. The image was released in the recent issue. However, fans must note that the screenshot was captured from the early copies delivered to subscribers.

The issue featuring the Justice League photo is yet to go on sale in the newsstand. Fans will be able to grab their copy next week on its release. Fortunately, Comic Book Movie has shared a scan of the photo, which can be seen below.

‘Justice League’ Photos Shows Team United

The photo gives us a look at The Batman, The Flash, Cyborg and Wonder Woman standing together united. A similar scene was shown in the Justice League SDCC teaser. It’s likely that the team is investigating a parademon nest in the scene shown in the photo.

Unfortunately, Warner Bros. has once again excluded the Man of Steel from their promotion for Justice League. However, director Zack Snyder has assured fans that Superman plays a vital role in the movie. Moreover, he also teased his role with a few points. “Superman does play a big part in this movie, His presence, and lack of presence, are big story points,” the director said during an interview with Empire Magazine.

Man Of Steel Missing From Still

Justice League will be released on November 17. Fans are currently expecting the release of trailer #2. Earlier, a source revealed that Aquaman will be seen stealing the limelight in trailer #2.

Warner Bros. has managed to promote both its 2017 DCEU movies simultaneously. Earlier this month, photos revealed that the studio has started promoting Wonder Woman in other regions. Moreover, press days have also been organized as well.

Wonder Woman is slated to be released on June 2. The movie will explain the origin of Diana Prince and her first encounter with Men on the other side of the world. The Old God Ares is the supervillain in the movie.

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