Justice League Movie: Top Three Facts On The World’s Best League of Superheroes

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Justice League will be coming to the cinemas on November 17, 2017. The film will be the fifth installment in the DC Extended Universe. Fans are elated with the latest trailer of the film which showed an action-packed plot.

Justice League dominated the social media sphere after Warner Bros released the film’s recent trailer.
As the film’s launch inches closer, fans ought to browse on some facts about league’s humble beginnings from the comic books.

Justice League had seven original members

After the creation of the Justice Society, there was a rule that the members will not have their own comic titles. This is the reason why there were honorary members, namely Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. However, when the Justice League of America came out, the team gave the best that the DC universe had to offer.

Some new fans may not know but the league was an original seven-member team. The original members included Batman, the Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Superman, Marian Manhunter and Wonder Woman. Unlike Marvel’s Avengers, which had a lot of changes in their ranks, DC’s League only had small changes until their first disbandment.

Aquaman disbanded the original members of the league

In the Silver Age, the Justice League had an expansion which included Green Arrow, Black Canary, Hawkman, and Atom. During the ‘70s, Wonder Woman left while Hawkgirl, Elongated Man, Firestorm and a few more came aboard. Wonder Woman later returned to the team.

In 1985, the league went through a major shift after Aquaman disbanded the league. Most of the original members failed to help fight an alien invasion, Aquaman makes the call to dissolve the league. The new rules for the league decreed that only the heroes that could devote their full-time will be admitted as members. The new league had Aquaman, Zatanna, Elongated Man, Martian Manhunter, Vibe, Gypsy, and Steel.

At the time, the overhaul was DC’s effort to make their content more hip to the young people and contend with Marvel’s youthful X-Men.

The league’s first enemy was a giant starfish

In March 1960, DC felt the need to modernize the Justice Society. Gardner Fox conceived the Justice League of America. The gathering of the superheroes led them to fight against a giant starfish named Starro. The league first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #28. a

During the time, it would seem stupid for having Starro fight the best warriors on the planet. Starro’s power can control minds by simply throwing miniature versions of himself at the enemies. Still, Starro made several appearances over the years and even fight the other side of the fence, which is the Avengers.

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