Justice League Movie 2017: Darkseid Will Be The Villain, Not Steppenwolf, Says Kevin Smith

Justice League Movie 2017: Darkseid Will Be The Villain, Not Steppenwolf, Says Kevin Smith PHOTOGRAPH: Official Justice League Facebook Page |

Justice League is currently considered to be the trump card for Warner Bros. For the first time, DCEU is uniting six superheroes to go up against one of the strongest threat in DC Universe.

The Batman and rest of the newly formed Justice League members will be fighting an alien force from Planet Apokolips. However, there seems to be a twist to it.

Darkseid Was Expected To Cameo In Zack Snyder’s Film

Initially, it was believed that Darkseid would be the main supervillain in Justice League. However, a deleted scene from ‘Batman v Superman’ revealed that Apokolips Commander Steppenwolf would be the main threat in Zack Snyder’s film.

Since then, it has also been revealed that Ciaran Hinds is playing as Steppenwolf in the movie. Although fans were excited by the casting, disappointment followed, as there was no news on Darkseid’s appearance in Justice League.

It has been speculated that Darkseid could cameo in Justice League. Moreover, it’s also suggested that the supervillain would be the main threat for the superheroes in Justice League sequel. But recently, A DCEU insider has managed to stir up conversations about Darkseid again by making a comment on the supervillain.

Darkseid Could Appear In Justice League

Kevin Smith, the host of Fatman on Batman spoke about Justice League in his recent weekly podcast episode. The Comic Book writer believes that there’s more to Zack Snyder’s movie than just Steppenwolf.

“I call bullsh*t, I think Steppenwolf is a villain of this piece, but I think we’re getting Darkseid, and I think that they’ve been keeping it from us, like the same way we didn’t know we were getting Doomsday. I think Darkseid is in this. Just give me some Darkseid. It can’t just be Steppenwolf. He’s just a pawn,” Smith said via Heroic Hollywood.

It could be possible that Warner Bros. is keeping its big guns hidden from the world. Earlier, In ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, the main villain known as Doomsday was revealed in the trailer. Fans believed that the reveal removed the element of surprise from the film.

If Darkseid does play a prominent role in Justice League, the supervillain’s appearance would definitely be breathtaking goosebump experience for the audience.