Justice League Dark: 6 Minutes Exclusive Footage Released, Details Here

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Justice League Dark is finally available in Digital HD for viewers on the internet. But before its release, Warner Bros. decided to share another clip as its promotion. The video is embedded below.

The 6:52 min footage reveals the main chaos that disrupts daily life of people. Pedestrians are shown to be hallucinating monsters. The event first leads to a woman running over people on the sidewalk hallucinating them to be monsters. Fortunately, Wonder Woman stops her.

A father is shown with a shotgun aiming at his wife and kids. Fortunately, the Man of Steel deflects the bullet on his instant arrival. Various unexplained events occur across the planet. The Justice League then assembles in the Hall of Justice to discuss the issue. Wonder Woman suggests that ‘Magic’ could be the cause of this issue.

‘Justice League Dark’ Reveals Citizens Hallucinating Monsters

Before ending, the video leaves the audience with a cliffhanger. Bruce Wayne’s room has writing saying ‘Constantine’ all over the wall. Earlier, it was revealed that Deadman was behind the writing.

Justice League Dark is an R-Rated animated film. The movie will center on characters like John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman and Swamp Thing. The characters will be shown as a team, as they fight mystical beings. Earlier trailers showed that Batman plays an important role as part of the Dark Team as well.

Fans can purchase Justice League Dark Digital HD for $19.99 or for $14.99 in SD format. The blu-ray edition has been scheduled to hit stores on Feb. 7.  It will be sold for $39.99 as a deluxe gift set.

The Batman Contacted By Deadman

A Constantine figurine will be included when purchased. Fans will also get exclusive behind-the-scene content. CBR reported that fans will also get an early look at Teen Titans: The Judas Contract as well.

Science Fiction has already written a review on Justice League Dark. The movie has been rated 4/5. The R-rated film was “highly recommended” for fans who enjoy watching DC movies.

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