Jupiter Retrograde 2017 Affects Your Love Life: Astrological Facts And Things To Know

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Jupiter Retrograde 2017 Affects Your Love Life: Astrological Facts And Things To Know PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Tom Thai |

Jupiter Retrograde is something astrologist believe will have an effect on the lovelife of individuals on Earth. Not everyone believes the fortunes that astrology and zodiac signs bring. However, those who are open-minded try to see what the future holds for them.

February is the month of love as couples are looking forward to Valentine’s Day. It also seems like the Jupiter Retrograde will be affecting relationships as well, especially since it falls in the sign of relationships – Libra. According to Elephant Journal, this took place on February 5, and it is the start of some discord.

Going the Opposite Direction

According to Refinery 29, Jupiter only has one annual retrograde and it spends 120 days doing so. This is much longer than the Mercury retrogrades that happen three times a year. While the normal direction of the planet promotes movement and active changes, its retrograde will put things in slow motion.

Relationship Pause Button

Those who are in relationships may feel things slow down as the retrograde phenomenon encourages a slower pace. For example, those who feel that a relationship is not worth it anymore can deeply think about it this time around. This is the time to listen to one’s inner voice and really find one’s center, as noted by Tarot.

There are predictions that there will be a lot of marriages and engagements this year, as people will be influenced to face their commitments head on. If things are going down south, then those relationships will either end or get stronger. Those in happy relationships will be getting more love. In short, people will realize if they are genuinely happy with their relationship or not.

Reflect, Reflect, Reflect

In essence, this means that people will be able to take a breather and see things through a different perspective. Although people will likely be running the opposite way, scared of what this might bring. There are some positive aspects to this astrological event. It is a great opportunity to reflect on tough decision, consider the state of things, or to reevaluate things in ones’ personal life.

The Fire Rooster year is set to be a blazing one. This means that things will be moving very quickly this year and into 2018. The Jupiter retrograde is a welcomed opportunity to really reflect and consider things.

The retrograde of the biggest planet will stay until June, so people will have a lot of time to pause and reflect. Jupiter is giving the nudge that people need to achieve what they must. People don’t have to jump into action right away, after all there is more than a hundred days to go.

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