Julian Assange Twitter: ‘If Obama Grants Manning Clemency Assange Will Agree to US Extradition’

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Julian Assange Twitter: ‘If Obama Grants Manning Clemency Assange Will Agree to US Extradition’ Julian Assange Neha Viswanathan/Flickr CC BY 2.0

Julian Assange said that if Barack Obama grants clemency to Chelsea Manning, he would give up his four-year-old sanctuary in London. Furthermore, he said that he would agree to U.S. extradition. He is currently living at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Julian Assange Tweet: Ready For Extradition

WikiLeaks posted a message on Twitter. It stated that if Obama grants Manning with clemency, Assange would agree to U.S. extradition even if he thinks cases against him was unconstitutional. If extradited, Assange could actually face espionage charges in America.

Manning is the former Army intelligence analyst. She is serving a sentence of 35 years for exposing classified material. However, she surprisingly included on a shortlist for a possible sentence commutation by Obama.

It was announced on Tuesday, that Manning was among the 273 individuals, who would either be pardoned or be commuted. Manning’s lawyers stated that she had already served the longest prison term. As of today, Manning’s sentence is the longest sentence any whistleblower had encountered in America, Independent UK reported.

It was also revealed that Manning attempted suicide twice. Manning said that it was because she was not being given gender reassignment therapy. She also went for a hunger strike for the same demand.

“Today, 273 individuals learned that the President has given them a second chance,” wrote Neil Eggleston, Counsel to the President. A petition was sent to Obama in December, asking for Manning’s commutation. The petition had 100,000 signatures.

Julian Assange: Manning’s Sentence Commuted

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama commuted the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning. Manning was the person behind the 2010 leak of secret materials to anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. It was the biggest information breach in U.S. history.

Moreover, an official from White House informed that Manning’s sentence reduction was independent of any other factors. It had nothing to do with concern about WikiLeaks’ actions during the 2016 presidential election. The official also said that the commutation was also not facilitated because Assange would accept extradition if Manning was freed, Reuters reported.

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