Julian Assange And Pamela Anderson: Baywatch Star Talks About Her Controversial Visits to WikiLeaks Founder

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Julian Assange And Pamela Anderson: Baywatch Star Talks About Her Controversial Visits to WikiLeaks Founder PHOTOGRAPH: Herder3 | Under CC BY-SA 3.0

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson recently opened up about her visits at the embassy where Julian Assange had been staying. Her multiple visits to the Ecuadorian Embassy have led to rumors of them dating. In the last five months, Anderson have visited the London-based Ecuadorian Embassy at least six times.

Julian Assange And Pamela Anderson: Her Views On The WikiLeaks Founder

While speaking on a television show titled ITV’s Loose Women, the Baywatch star called the WikiLeaks founder and editor a heroic and significant personality. She stated that she is always trying to do something for important people in this world. Furthermore, she added that she is always attempting to befriend people like Assange. She said that she considers history would be looking back on Assange and figure out how significant the WikiLeaks founder is. Anderson stated that WikiLeaks, the organization, is equally heroic and important.

According to Daily Mail, Anderson stated that it is really difficult to find truth these days. “So if you want to get something from the horse’s mouth then go to WikiLeaks and you can actually just really find out what’s going on,” Anderson said. “I think that’s important in this political climate, she added.

The Baywatch star was spotted last week while she was getting vegan cheeseburgers from the Mildreds chain to Assange. She was first seen at the WikiLeaks founder’s residence in September 2014. The two met for the first time to talk about Anderson’s new foundation. She was trying to convince Assange to support her foundation which sopports for sexually abused women.

During December, right before the Christmas season started, Anderson was seen bringing dinner for Assange. A source had even stated that Anderson’s outfits were becoming sexier in every meeting. The most recent time  that she was seen at Assange’s residence was on January 21, 2017.

Julian Assange And Pamela Anderson: Ecuador Might Kick Out The Aussie Hacker

As previously reported by Daily Disruption, the WikiLeaks founder might be evicted from the Ecuadorian Embassy. It was informed by Ecuadorian presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso that he would be asking Assange to leave the Embassy. “We will cordially ask Señor Assange to leave within 30 days of assuming a mandate,” Lasso stated.

Lasso gave his word after the current administration stated that it is not pleased with Assange’s ongoing stay. Lasso stated that the people of Ecuador have been paying a cost that we should not have to bear. Even the current foreign minister, Guillaume Long, stated that had questioned Assange’s stay.

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