Julian Assange Admits He Likes Pamela Anderson

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Julian Assange Admits He Likes Pamela Anderson PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/ Cancillería del Ecuador | Under CC by

Julian Assange unintentionally intensified rumors that he is dating Pamela Anderson. Assange did not deny or confirm rumors that there is something special going on between him and the actress. In fact, he even said that he finds the actress sexy and attractive.

Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson Dating Rumors: “I won’t go into details.”

Hosts of Australia’s KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show asked Assange if he is indeed romantically involved with Anderson. His response inflamed the rumors all the more. He opted to say that he chose not go into intimate details. He however described Anderson as a very attractive person. He even called her “whip-smart” and “savvy.” “Over the last two years she has done more to try and get this Australian, me, out of detention without charge than the combination of the governments of Gillard, Rudd, Abbott and Turnbull,” Assange stated. The hosts then asked if he is already in love. “I mean I like her, she’s great, but I’m not going to go into the private details,” he said.

Julian Assange Dead

The hosts also asked about rumors that Assange is already dead. The WikiLeaks founder explained that these rumors began during the U.S. presidential elections. He also nullified speculations that WikiLeaks had already been taken over by the CIA.

Julian Assange Activated His Twitter Account

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks also announced that its founder decided to activate his Twitter again. One of his first tweets is to promote the interview he had with the Australian radio show. Another Tweet was a swipe at how the Donald Trump’s government thinks it is more powerful than the Internet Council. His third tweet is a screenshot of the many search terms people typed on Google asking about his rumored death.

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