‘John Wick Chapter 2’ Review: Find Out if it’s Better Than the Original


A John Wick Chapter 2 review is a great way for fans to learn whether the film is worth watching. According to film critics, the sequel is well-made, with Chapter 2 providing an almost overwhelming symphony of intense cringe-inducing violence. The second installment is a great film on its own, as per reviews.

John Wick Chapter 2 Review: Critics praise the film as an action masterpiece

Despite being able to stand on its own, John Wick Chapter 2 shares familiar aspects with the first film. However, the sequel is reportedly innovative and skillfully choreographed. Film critics saw it as an uncommon action movie.

John Wick Chapter 2 made an exceptional task of establishing the main character. The film successfully incorporates the character and the world he lives in during the opening scenes. Keanu Reeves plays the character John Wick. His stoic features are a great fit for the anti-hero. The film introduces Wick via a car chase and subsequent combat with some Russian hooligans.

As the action progresses, Peter Stormare evaluates a few of Wick’s legendary exploits through an extended voice-over. For the most part, it is a reliable beginning. By the time Wick shoots a bulky Russian in the kneecaps to end the first battle, viewers already understand everything they need to know. Basically, Wick is a famous hit man trying desperately to give up his past life. Unfortunately, he had run into a strange underworld where assassins and criminals follow stringent codes of honor. Hence, he went back into the world he tried to leave behind.

The code of honor propelled Wick into his latest adventure. He is forced back into the game to honor a financial obligation he owes his criminal employer Santino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio). Unlike the first film, John Wick Chapter 2 managed to move Wick outside of New York and into a brand name new location like Rome. It modifies the scenery, enabling a better view of a world-within-a-world scenario.

John Wick Chapter 2 Review: The second installment expanded its universe

The film successfully inculcates safe houses masquerading as high-end hotels. In addition, there are stylish dinner coats functioning as bulletproof vests. John Wick Chapter 2 also has a bunch of tattooed secretaries working on ancient telephone switchboard, key channels filtering assassination transactions worldwide. John Wick Chapter 2 expands the film’s universe, which the first film did not thoroughly focus on. The movie is a masterpiece of action, providing an immersive experience for moviegoers.

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