Jessica Pointing Profile, Bio: Google, Apple, Facebook All Want This Girl for Internship

Jessica Pointing Profile, Bio: Google, Apple, Facebook All Want This Girl for Internship PHOTOGRAPH: Jessica Pointing | Biked between Harvard and MIT 106 times this semester from Jessica Pointing/Facebook

Jessica Pointing’s profile looks like any Harvard University junior. So, it was shocking for most people to learn that Pointing, who is pursuing a major in computer science and physics, has been offered internship from companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook. As it turns out, Pointing knows the secret behind cracking interviews.

Jessica Pointing Facts

When some of the giant names in the world of technology approach a junior university student, there cannot be any doubts that the student is a genius. Pointing, born and brought up in Reading, England, is one such exceptional individual. Before she went on to study at the Harvard University, she had obtained a degree in Physics and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), her Facebook bio indicated.

She has come up with some of the best tips for acing any corporate interview, which she shared on her blog. These tips are realistic and full-proof. Hence, they have caught the attention of many aspiring job seekers around the world.

Among the internship positions that Jessica Pointing has been offered are: software engineering, data science, product management, consulting, investment banking, trading and quantitative finance. Companies like Microsoft, McKinsey, Bain, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have also reached out to her. Following are few of Pointing’s tips, as reported by Business Insider:

Tips For Cracking Interviews

  • Proper Research: Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell and Case in Point by Marc Cosentino are two must-read books if one is going to appear for software engineering interviews, recommended Pointing. These books give a fair idea of the interview topics and let one practice demo exercises for the same. “There is usually a go-to book for each industry,” wrote Pointing.
  • Developing a problem-solving mindset: This is to counter the nerves that are known to creep up when one is facing the recruiting manager of a company. First, Pointing advises one to repeat the question in one’s mind to fully grasp all its details. Then, one can move into a step-by-step, point wise solving of a problem. This can include listing the function input and output, checking assumptions, etc.
  • Practise makes Perfect: Even though the saying maybe clichéd and irritating, it actually works, wrote Pointing. In this regard, she suggested that people go through as many mock interviews as possible. Refdash is one of the programs that let people take mock interviews for free. As for the ultimate “dream interview”, it should be scheduled at the very last.

For more tips on cracking interviews, one can visit Jessica Pointing’s blog.

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