Japan’s Ancient Underwater City Is Proof Of Alien Life, Claim Conspiracy Theorists

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Japan’s Ancient Underwater City Is Proof Of Alien Life, Claim Conspiracy Theorists PHOTOGRAPH: Masahiro Kaji - The Japan's Dive-spot Gallery | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

The origins of the Pyramids of Yonaguni-Jima is still a mystery. In fact, researchers have attempted to provide several explanations about the ancient and bizarre underwater city. In recent times, conspiracy theorists claimed these structures could be a proof of alien life.

Proof of Alien Life: Japan’s Ancient Underwater City

There have been debates over this set of terraced stones and triangular structures. These structures make up the ancient underwater city. Moreover, several arguments have been posited related to these, including the one which said that the structures are man-made.

In contrast, conspiracy theorists believe that they have found the actual answer to questions about the fascinating underwater city – aliens. Moreover, reports of aliens visiting Japan in ancient times have also been made. The baffling story of the Utsuro Bune or the “hollow ship” is quite well-known.

Ancient UFO stated that an alleged craft, huge in size, washed up on the shore in Japan. The craft was reportedly strange and round in shape. Five evidences of this craft have been gathered from different regions of Japan. These are different forms of drawings depicting the craft. These drawings showed that the craft was almost identical to modern UFOs.

Alien enthusiast now drew questions if the hollow ship was actually related to the ancient underwater city. While no one is certain about how the structures were established underwater, alien investigators claimed that the answer could be found in space. These structures are also known as Japan’s Atlantis.

However, according to history enthusiasts, the existence of these uncanny structures were absolutely natural. Scuba divers are quite drawn to the pyramid. These immense structures rise 76.2 meters from the sea floor, The Daily Star reported.

Proof of Alien Life: Masaaki Kimura’s Version

These structures were allegedly created in 10,000 BC. There were a lot of debates about the formation of the pyramids, whether it was natural or man-made. Masaaki Kimura, a professor of science at the University of the Rykukyus in Okinawa, gave his take.

Kimura first believed that the establishment has a natural origin. However, after his first dive, he changed his mind. “I think it’s very difficult to explain away their origin as being purely natural, because of the vast amount of evidence of man’s influence on the structures,” he stated.

According to National Geographic, he has recognized quarry marks in the stone. He also stated that there were presence of basic characters engraved onto carved faces and rocks were sculpted into shapes resembling animals. Kimura is entirely convinced that it is a man-made structure and was created by an ancient civilization.

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